Travelling with Children at Christmas

When travelling with children you’ll often find the usual checklist that you used to tick of items to pack when travelling alone has more than quadrupled in size and a journey that was once easy becomes a task that needs to be prepared for. Whether it be finding the right sized travel cot or finding out how much baby milk you can take on a plane, the questions and tasks seem to be endless. We’ve put together a few key points that you’ll need to think about and a few recommended child safety products perfect for travelling with children. The plane The first bit on fun you’ll have at the airport will be checking in your bags whilst trying to take care of your children. As holidays and travelling can be a new adventure for children and get them excited, the chances of them misbehaving grows and so does your headache. Depending on the age of your child or children make sure you have packed some toys that are easy to carry to keep them entertained. Our essential baby safety equipment to keep your child safe in the airport would be our ID tags, they prove a god send if your child gets lost.

In terms of the plane journey itself most airlines have heightened security measure around how much baby milk you are allowed to take on a plane and the amounts of baby food so it is worth checking before flying. To keep your luggage down a compact changing bag with everything you need in it is a wise choice, our First Years fold and go changing bag is a child safety product of choice. Sleeping Arrangements A travel cot comes in all shapes and sizes so much so that it can be difficult to choose the right travel cot for you. The first thing to look at is the age of your child, if there is a spare bed in your room would a travel bed rail be easier than a travel cot? Travel bed rails in general pack up smaller than a travel cot but are only really safe when your child is more mobile. Smaller travel cots that pop up are a modern alternative to traditional travel cots and are often less bulky. Take a look at our pop up bubble cots; they are a popular child safety product choice. Feeding For all of the latest child safety products perfect for travelling take a look at our travelling with children section of our website or contact a child safety product expert for more information.

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