Travelling South America Speaking Spanish

Speaking Spanish has become a key ability for professionals and travelers. Thats why wed like to share this story with you. We hope it will give you an additional reason to book a Spanish course in Argentina!

Im a freelance journalist for different newspapers and magazines in Germany. Travelling is one of my passions. Last year my destination was South America. I started my journey in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. At the beginning everything was easy because it is a small town with a lot of tourists and I could get by with my English at the hostel, with the guides and other tourists.

However, as my trip took me to more and more marvelous places, I gradually realized that only speaking English reduced my possibilities to make friends and to take advantage of a great amount of opportunities. For this kind of trips, its far better to be able to communicate with local people and get to know the country from their point of view. That is why I decided to take a Spanish course in Argentina.

It was a real surprise to find such a wide variety of Spanish courses on the Internet: Spanish one-on-one, group lessons, Spanish and tango, Spanish and salsa, Spanish and wine, Spanish and nature, Spanish for international exams, Spanish for special purposes, etc.

Of the other countries I had visited during the first three months of my trip, none can compare to Argentina in regards to the variety of Spanish courses offered. I took the following step to decide which city in Argentina attracted me enough to make a stop and stay for 2 weeks or more to learn Spanish.

As the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires had plenty of options, but the idea of staying a long time in such a big and European-like city wasnt my first option. Mendoza is a beautiful city located by the Andes. It offers extreme sports and wine, but not enough to stay for 2 weeks. This is how I ended up in Cordoba, Argentinas second largest city. It provided all I needed: high standards of education, young people, plenty of cultural activities, nightlife and natural settings half an hour away to breathe some fresh air.

I finally made my decision! I would take a 5-week course: 3 in Crdoba, 1 in Mendoza and 1 in Buenos Aires. Until then I didnt know there were schools which gave students the option of combining 2 or 3 destinations, thus saving travelers time and money. I could choose where to start and continue my course in a new place. Because of the distance, I decided to start in Mendoza.

I arrived with hola, gracias and una cerveza, por favor as my only forms of communication in Spanish. After a week of group lessons in the morning and activities such as wine tasting in bodegas, trekkings in the Andes and rafting on incredible rivers in the afternoon, I could feel a bit more at home. In Cordoba the experience was wonderful, as well. The school offered the possibility to take a combined course: group course in the morning and private lessons in the afternoon. Thanks to these lessons that were all in Spanish and were managed very professionally by experienced native-speaking teachers, I really began to feel the Spanish language, enjoy short conversations in Spanish, socialize, ask for information, talk about myself, etc. .. all in Spanish!

In Cordoba I also had time to go out at night, I visited museums and walked around. I also enjoyed outdoor activities in the hills during the weekends, such as horse riding, spelunking, hiking and sailing.

My course in Cordoba was coming to an end and it was time to travel to Buenos Aires. Last week, not much time left, a lot to do, and above all, a lot to learn. My Spanish was significantly better as was my enthusiasm to communicate with people had grown. I was able to speak better everyday. Now I could say Spanish was my new passion and Argentina, too.
Back in Stuttgart, I countdown the days to pack again and take a new Spanish course in Argentina.

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