Travelling By Bus From Singapore To Malacca

Bus is one of the most comfortable methods of travelling. If you are in Singapore and have to visit the numerous neighbouring places, the best and economical way is to travel by bus from Singapore to Malacca. Malacca is in Malaysia on the west coast facing the Straits of Malacca. The best way to travel to Malacca is by road.

During this wonderful journey by road, you will also get to enjoy the sight of oil palm plantation and some evergreen tropical landscape along the North-South Expressway. You will enjoy the travel by bus as the trip is full of excitement. There are a lot of rest areas, stop-over, and strategic view points along the highway so the trip will be pleasant and full of fun and you can even have rest if one needs to have a rest. You can even have some food along the way as there are restaurants along the stopover points.

To travel form from Singapore to Malacca you can get regular buses and luxury coaches; which is a 5 hours journey. Alternatively, taking a train or taxi will be uncomfortable as well as expensive, especially if you are taking a taxi. So most of the people would prefer to take bus from Singapore to Malacca because it is more convenient, moreover, the bus will stop at the centre of the town. By taking, train, it is more inconvenient because you have to stop at Tampin before taking additional ride to the Malacca town.

To get around from other places to Kuala Lumpur, there are well-known express buses companies that will make your journey comfortable as well as inexpensive. They won’t cheat you, it would be best to get from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, in any of the Express bus service. They make the bus travel comfortable as their coaches are luxury coaches with ample leg space.

The comfort of travelling by bus can only be experienced by you when you travel on a bus. The scenic routes and the view offered by the bus will make you wish that the bus service lasts for a long time. The interstate roads are very well made and the make travelling very comfortable for you.

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