Travelling Around Rhodes Old Town

Planning a visit to Rhodes Island? In that case, prepare yourself for a tussle between beach, nightlife, nature trek and a visit to Rhodes old town. Quite a bit of options to choose from, isnt it? The old town of Rhodes mainly attracts visitors owing to the ruins of acropolis located in Lindos which is one of the three historical towns making up ancient Rhodes. Situated around 50 to 55 kilometre away from the centre of Rhodes, Lindos offers the travellers a peaceful abode among the ancient sites of historical heritage and a study in the bygone ages that have contributed in the cultural development of Rhodes as a unique island in Greece. Lindos demands a stay of a few days if you wish to explore its length and breadth and there are a number of suitable hotels in Lindos where you can put up with ease.

Exploring Rhodes old town
There are times in our lives when we deliberately wish to get lost only find ourselves in a newer and better way than ever. In the old town of Rhodes, you can try out this age old formula. In the labyrinthine of lanes and by lanes, it is easy to get lost, or find a new road, if you care to look at it that way. If at any point of time you wish to get back to the main street, ask for Sokratous. The first signs of the ancient world will greet you in the form of the walls of the old town and tread slowly towards the Temple of Venus, through the Liberty Gate, dating back to the third century BC. It is indeed a sight to behold. The historical town of Lindos has much to offer to the travellers who love to explore the ruins of ancient ages, namely the acropolis, which attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. Put up in one of the hotels in Lindos and then plan your exploration without hindrances. This is the easiest way to get around Rhodes old town.

Take a walk to the several art galleries and museums which are lined up in the Plateia Simi or Simi Square. The same road will take you to the Street of the Knights or the Ippoton. Strolling around the walls of Rhodes old town is also an eye opener of sorts. You will be surprised to see the small trades that have flourished owing to the tourist visits round the year. It is a haven for photographers. You can enjoy this and much more if you choose to stay nearby in any of the hotels in Lindos which offer a quick pathway to the old town.

Rhodes old town has much to offer apart from the scenic beauty and it will take a while to get a grasp of the depths into which its history is seeped. So, the best way to do so would be to find an accommodation nearby, and there are plenty of hotels in Lindos from where you will be able to travel easily to the old town without wasting much time.

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