Transporting And Travelling

Transportation and travelling both have their share of journey. People use various transporting mediums to travel across the country. Travelling is an eminent part of ones life, it adds spice to the life, and it removes boredom adding excitement and enthusiasm to life.
People travel long distances some times to see particular monuments they always wanted to see, sometimes to enjoy the open environment, sometimes to change their landscape, sometimes doctor suggests their customers to travel a bit for the betterment of their health.
Many reasons bring to one destiny i.e. travelling. At times travelling is just another excuse to escape from every day tensions and go to a place of joy and freedom. Some go on adventurous trips, some travel to explore and some people travel just to travel.
You can use any mode of transportation depending on the availability. You can use aircrafts, ships, trains, cars, motorbikes, buses, etc. when it comes to India; it is second largest country in Asia, which gives you multiple options as your mode of transportation, starting from aircrafts to bullock carts.
Well you must be wondering when travelling is so enriching and fulfilling why people say, its good to be home. Yes they say so because travelling can uplift you as well as drain your energy. Going to an unknown place either city or country is not an easy task. Sometimes you dont the local language; it can make your journey tougher. Travelling experiences can break your heart and kill your excitement if not preplanned in a nice way.
To preplan and make your travelling experience as you want it to be there are many service providers, whom we call travel consultancies or travel agents. The can make your visit simpler by doing all the things; you need too taken care of at your journey.
These travelling agents explains you the things and precautionary facts you need to know before visiting a place, as they are experience and have connections in the region. For travelling you need to reach station or airport or to your car to start your journey, then need reservations, and then you will have to reach the place you want to stay, at times you will have to search a lot for a decent accommodation in case you dont have prior reservation.
All this will leave you tired and throw away your excitement. To give you enriching and luxurious facilities India has multiple number of clubs and resorts, which takes care of all your requirements and you can forget about all the tensions. In fact most of the countries which expect tourist and travelers have these vacation club and resorts especially for the travelers.
These clubs provides holiday packages, accommodation, special events on festive occasions, privilege cards, and many other services. They are stretched all over the country and also outside the country. Two big names which are popular for providing such services are
Country vacations
Country club India
Country vacation is recognized by limca book for being biggest chain of hotels and restraints across the globe. Customers complains against country vacation for looting their money by making false promises offering free services which were never received by them. Similar fraud complaints against country club India were made by customers, who paid certain amount of money and got nothing in return.

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