Top 6 iPhoneiPad Apps To Keep Children Busy While Travelling

Whether for a few hours’ drive to the family home in Britain or on a long-haul flight to a distant destination, the challenge is the same: keeping the kids busy. In this high-risk mission, your iPhone and your tablet are your best allies! Here we discuss seven six applications which offer a small, juggling between entertainment and fun-learning. For Backpackers: Grolly – Animal Adventures Under the pretext of finding Grolly the blanket, Emma has misplaced, the application offers a wonderful trip in a beautiful book of digital images. Sound effects and animations are waiting for you on each page, with beautiful illustrations, colorful and detailed. This gives an opportunity for children to walk in the jungles of Vietnam, the ruins of Cambodia or dense bamboo forests to reach out to pandas, tapirs, leopards and monkeys. All these animals come to life under the fingers of small users. Practical information: application available in English and German. 0.79 (or the first chapter free) without advertising. For kids above 3 years.

For Books: My First Puzzles What’s better than a puzzle to keep your minor focused? On this version for iPad, no risk of losing valuable pieces: they move under the fingers of children to find their place one by one on the screen. Opted for children between 2 to 6 years of age, this app offers a dozen puzzles on a circus theme consisting of pretty pictures that reflect the motifs of ancient wooden toys. It has between 9 and 13 touch-up pieces for each puzzle. Practical information: for 2 years and above. Compatible with iPad. 1.59.

For Television Viewers: TFOU Better than TV application TFOU! Free, ad-free, the app allows children to see or revisit their favorite cartoons and series like Babar, Franklin, Chuggington, family or Trumpet Barbie are scheduled upon request for children. And as a bonus: the making of the favorite episodes of your children. experience a pin drop during long journeys … Practical information: Free and without advertising. From 1 year. Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

For Smart Kids: Cut The Rope An addictive game! The goal: to feed a little monster candy … The problem: the candies are attached to strings that must be cut, while calculating their trajectory. We quickly get involved in the play, young and old alike. Enough to spend long hours with concentration on their iPhone or iPad, while developing skill and logical mind. Practical information: For 4 years and above. Free light version or 1.60.

For Aspiring Artists: Drawing Pad Pencils, pens, leaves, gums: no need to bother with the paraphernalia of small budding designer, a single application is sufficient to deal with your children! Drawing Pad offers your children a variety of tools to create their masterpieces at will: brushes, pads, pens, pre-drawn shapes … A true artist palette for inspired scribblers. Practical information: 1.59 . For 3 years and above. Without advertising.

For history buffs: Louis XIV This application is published by the Museum of History of France: So much for the guarantee of seriousness. For the rest, it is an app full of fun and enthusiasm which tells the story of Louis XIV as illustrated story. No boring history lesson on the horizon, but rather a return on this colorful character with interactive charts, colorful graphics and fun, and dozens of portraits of actors in history. Educational and fun, the right mix for the kids. Practical information: For 6 years and above. For iPad and iPhone. Between 2.40 and 3.

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