Things To Do During A Long Layover In Lax Airport

When travelling to LAX Airport, there are instances that you will encounter a long layover. In the event that you are stuck in LAX for more than five hours during a layover, think of it as an opportunity to visit some of the interesting places around Los Angeles.

But before going anywhere, here are first five things you should do:

1. Be prepared for a possibility of a layover.
Make sure to include your favorite paperback book or a hand-held game console in your hand luggage when packing. So if you get stuck at the airport for a couple of hours, you are prepared to kill time without needing to go anywhere.

2. Secure your luggage.
If you’re planning to check out places around LAX, make sure to secure your luggage. You can try to have them checked and transferred to the flight like you normally would. But if this option is not available, you can deposit your bags at the LAX Luggage Storage.

3. Make a list.
Planning the next five or six hours of your mini trip is very important. Make a quick list of activities and how long each would take. This will help you stay on schedule. If you need ideas on what are fun things to do during a layover or in between flights, you can ask someone from the Travelers Aid Booth. These booths are located on the lower level of each terminal near the baggage reclaim.

4. Keep traffic in mind.
Make sure to check the traffic and road condition before even considering of going out. Traffic in Los Angeles is terrible most especially during weekdays. You can check Google Maps for directions and SigAlert for traffic updates. Google Maps will tell you the approximate travel time with or without traffic. Sigalert can give you a practically real time traffic condition. Make sure you are back at the airport at least an hour and a half before your actual flight

5. Choose the right transportation.
Considering the traffic, it is best to consider what transportation you need to use. You have several options to get around. You can use the free shuttle bus which serves all the terminals around the central loop. If you’re planning of doing a little shopping and dining in downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, or nearby beaches, you can also take the public transportation or a cab. But if you want the convenience and the safety, you can also make a quick reservation and hire a town car service to drive you around.

Whatever you decide on doing if you get stuck on a long layover, take a moment to think your best options. Layover is definitely a huge inconvenience. But instead of whining about it, think of it as an opportunity to see and experience new things. Who knows you might find something really special.

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