Significance Of Travelling To 12 Jyotirlinga Yatra

India has been the most worshiped place, where there are n numbers of temples. They consider going to these temples makes them wash their sins before dying. From which one of the yatras includes 12 jyotirlinga Shiva yatra. There are 12 jyotirlingas temple at 12 other different places in India. A legend says that when any of the Indian devotee visits these 12 jyotirlingas with his full dedication, might receive God Shivas grace on them. Jyoti means light and linga means Shiva. Lord Shankar or Shiva is been one of the Supreme solidified God, when worshipped of the light or flame of it is easier.

Locations Of The 12 Jyotirlingas

The 12 Jyotirlinga Yatra are been located and spread out accordingly; that two are on the sea shore, the other three are on the river banks, fourth in the heights of the highlands and the rest of the three in villages that are located in grazing land.

Overview And The Names Of The Jyotirlingas

Mainly each and every jyotirlingas have been described in various glorious words. Anyone who go to these 12 temples of Shubhashankar or Jyoti-Sivasthan, receives the righteous blessings of the Lord Shiva, and receives happiness, peaceful memory along with him. 12 Jyotirling Yatra India, welcomes every other human being coming from any country to take the blessings of the Lord Shiva. This will indeed depends on the religious fervor and involvement too. The 12 jyotirlingas are namely known as:

Somnath Jyotirling In Saurashtra (Gujarat)
Malikarjun Jyotirling in Srisailiam ( Andhra Pradesh)
Mahakaleshwar jyotirling in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh)
Omkareshwar jyotirling in Shivpuri/mamaleshwara (Madhya Pradesh)
Vaidhyanath jyotirling in Parali (Maharashtra)
Nageshwar Jyotirling in Darukavanam
Kedareswar Jyoirlinga in Kedarnath/Himalayas (Uttarakhand)
Tryambakeshwar Jyotirling in Nashik (Maharashtra)
Rameshwar Jyotirling in Setubandanam/Rameshwaram (Tamil Nadu)
Bhimashankar Jyotirling in Dakini (Maharashtra)
Visweshwar jyotirling in Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
Ghirshneshwar jyotirling in Devasrovar (Maharashtra)

Travelling To The Destinations Above:

Travelling to all the above places will be more than an excitement. Legends have created a Jyotirlinga Stotram or prayer, which is when chanted by any human being he will accomplish rescue and enlightenment and that he would be released from the human life of cycle. People from foreign countries also worship the Lingas, in search of getting freed from all the hurdles and difficulties in ones lives. The poojaris or devotees offer you the eatings to these Lingas , when any of the worshipper eats it he gets rid of all the sins straightaway.

While planning to take your family trip to the 12 jyotirlinga Yatra, as one of the destinations; will make it worth your plans and wants to be fulfilled as you reach all the above 12 places. As these places are been blessed by shiva you must not wait to book the next flight to India with enormous fascinating 12 Jyotirling Yatra Packages from the best tours and travels agencies. Thus when you pay a visit to the holy places through whatever means youre travelling through will definitely give you the satisfaction as well as the peace to all.

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