Online Travelling Businesses Cost Saving, Eco-friendly

An absolute reliance over electronic ticketing saves airlines US$3 billion per annum, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The 230 members of the trade body shifted completely to e-ticketing by 2008-end and since then they have not only saved huge printing cost, but also been able to retain interline revenue. One dollar and $10 are the extremely unparallel costs of e-tickets and printed tickets. The benefits, IATA says, to passengers are alluring: no hassle in changing itinerary at the eleventh hour, reserving seats for travel and tours, and losing tickets.

The purpose of mentioning the statistics from the airline industry is to let the readers know the internet prevalence in the travel and tour industries and subsequent immense revenue savings, customer benefits as well as eco-friendliness; paper usage even when alternate is available is unquestionably unfriendly to environment. The figures focus on solely a means of travelling that is airlines, though they are all-inclusiveIATAs members handle 93 per cent of the international air traffics. If you look around, you may notice the growing popularity of e-ticketing in other modes of transportations: buses, ferries, trains, etc. While passengers are comfortable with online booking, it is also cost saving. For long distance or short, for international tours or domestic, for business trips or routine travelling, passengers tend to visit transporters sites or consult travel agents online.

There are scores of travelling agents and tour operators facilitating customers online because of the benefits attached to the internet handling of customers. This facilitation may require no physical interaction between customers and travel agents or tour operators for making of travelling plans. Generally, customers prefer booking of tickets from the websites of airlines directly or getting itineraries for vacations devised by online tour operators.

Luckily, technology has made the online handling of and facilitation to customers so easy and cost saving that small and medium travel agents and tour operators could not stop themselves to celebrate electronic commerce.

osCommerce, VirtueMart, and Prestashop are ecommerce software available free of cost. As a businessperson, you can download any of these open-source shopping carts to sell e-tickets as well as to run full-fledged tour or travelling facilitation centre. What you need is website and that also is no problem with website templates. Copying and pasting details on the placeholders in the specially designed travel website templates are the only works cautions are required for.

Lately, osCommerce community has added new add-ons to the software to broaden the working capacities of the online shops. This is a benefit of open-source software and its evolutionary process is unstoppable. As modules are developed, attributes of ecommerce store become operationally powerful. If you download osCommerce templates and in the course of working new add-ons come in then you dont need to worry about adjustability of your websites with the upgraded software or newfound add-ons. Usually, website templates are premade under considerations of the integration issues. You may not encounter technical glitches if you conduct thorough research before choosing travel templates specially designed for travel and tour businesses.

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