Noteworthy Factors Of Medical Crisis While Travelling

Helping those in need leads to an unexpected medical crisis for Charlotte, North Carolina residents, Jack and Shelley Boomhower, but their advanced preparation pays off.
It’s good to be home in Charlotte, North Carolina, for Jack and Shelley Boomhower. Mr. and Ms. Boomhower were recently residing in a remote overseas location, as part of a mission trip with Wycliffe Associates. Wycliffe Associates has supported the worldwide efforts of Bible translation through dedicated service in numerous areas of ministry.
Their Healthcare Incident During their missionary travels, Mr. Boomhower suffered an unexpected stroke in the middle of the night. Their team leader immediately contacted Seven Corners, the company the Boomhowers had purchased insurance with prior to leaving on their mission trip. Immediately upon receiving the call on March 7th, the Seven Corners After Hours Team immediately contacted their Assistance Medical Director, determined the closest facility that could provide proper care for a stroke, and arranged all the transportation and appointment to the facility. As the morning hours commenced, Seven Corners and their team overseas had determined the country that would have the most comprehensive and appropriate care available for Jack. Seven Corners had a pre-qualified hospital located in that country. Arrangements were then set in place to move Jack to the pre-qualified hospital via air ambulance transport. Seven Corners coordinated with this hospital via their coordinator who spoke the local language to arrange for immediate admittance upon arrival and provided all of Mr. Boomhower’s insurance information to the facility in advance of the arrival.
The team leader, worked closely with Seven Corners which allowed Shelley to be with Jack at all times which was also very helpful in completing the paperwork and coordination of the care. Seven Corners explained all of the benefits of the insurance Shelley and Jack had purchased to the team leader. They arranged for payment to the local hospital with the team leader and detailed the medical evacuation benefit that allowed Shelley to travel with Jack to the pre-qualified hospital which included an accommodation benefit for her as well as the medical care benefits for Jack. There was also a benefit for travel back to their home town in the US to obtain further treatment and recovery once stabilized that Seven Corners staff wanted to make the team leader and the Boomhowers aware of.
During the next weeks, Seven Corners and the hospital maintained frequent contact regarding Mr. Boomhower’s status and ensuring the hospital payment paperwork was handled appropriately. On March 26th, 19 days after the incident occurred, Seven Corners received information from the pre-qualified hospital that Jack was cleared for travel back to the United States. After confirmation by the Seven Corners Medical Director and the Neurologist on his fit for flight status, Seven Corners again worked with the team leader who passed the information on to Shelley. He was officially discharged on April 3rd and transported with Ms. Boomhower back to Charlotte, North Carolina where he is undergoing medical rehabilitation at the Charlotte Medical Center.
The Boomers are grateful for all of the immediate attention that Jack was provided and feel fortunate to have had the support of so many people.
“We believe it is important for people to be prepared if they are traveling overseas and are so thankful that we have taken that seriously when we have traveled.” stated Shelley. “And we are so appreciative for the excellent support of Seven Corners staff during such a trying time. How thankful we are that we had a responsible Insurance that we could rely on when we were out of the United States as well as when we transitioned to services in the US. Everyone has been so helpful through every step of the process. So often we think of dealing with insurances and cringe at the thought of the complicated paperwork and the small print but that has not been the case here. They made the paperwork painless for us, and there have not been any negative surprises which is such a blessing when I really want to focus my time and attention on getting Jack well again.”
Their Journey Ahead The journey of recovery ahead will be a challenging chapter in the Boomhower’s life, and yet their good will and faith will guide them through strongly, and they will go on with their goals of spreading joy and hope throughout the world starting in their own community.
Ms. Boomhower related that their family was not accustom to being the focus of so much attention but continues to express her gratitude for everyone’s consideration and prayers for the family. The entire family was so grateful for the personal attention they were all given by Seven Corners staff and said it was such a tremendous weight off their shoulders to work with a company that was so helpful during their time of crisis.
While no one can be fully prepared for a medical crisis, there are things that can be done to protect yourself so if something does go wrong, expert assistance is immediately available to you. Ms. Boomhower said there was a day when she felt the money spent on insurance when they were traveling seemed like an unnecessary expense considering how healthy they were, but now she wants to take the opportunity to let people know that travel coverage with a reputable company is invaluable. We appreciate the Boomhowers sharing their story to help people better understand what things we might want to consider relating to our health when leaving our home town.

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