Keeping Fit Whilst Travelling

Many of us spend huge amounts of time staying in shape. We spend hours in the gym, running on the track or swimming in pools. Yet when we go on a much needed holiday all this falls to pieces, and most people do nothing to stay in shape – this will undo all your hard work, especially if you are embarking on a long trip.

You need to be proactive to prevent this from happening while you are travelling. The easiest way to do this is by going for regular runs – this works particularly well if you are at a beach-side spot as there’s nothing quite as serene as a gentle run down the beach. This is best done in the evening as otherwise you will be tortured by the heat and the crowds will get in the way. You can also keep your eyes peeled for gyms in your hotel or resort – many people are similarly focused on staying in shape and hoteliers have responded by building simple yet effective fitness facilities.

Not all exercise needs to be quite as intensive as running and you can stay in shape just by being generally active. This involves doing lots of walking, swimming and other gentle activity – take a walk in the evening to see the sights and you can work off your big dinner. This is good exercise but also very pleasant as it will encourage you to explore your chosen destination, rather than lazily sitting in the shade all day.

The final approach is to treat holidays as a chance to get in shape – many people do this these days as they set aside a week in a spot perfect for exercise. A great option is to go to a yoga camp which will teach you this great activity in a peaceful and secure environment. You can also embark on cycling trips, sailing holidays, equine adventures and all manner of other holidays – these schemes are a great way to experience something new and jump start a new regime.

Staying in shape is incredibly important as it is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. This means ensuring that you stay active on your trips abroad – whether your heading up to Lapland or going on a cheap Ibiza holiday there’s no excuse not to stay in shape. Best of all, activity can actually be a really rewarding part of travel and you can very easily make it fun. The highlight of your next holiday might be the most active thing you do – after all, nothing gets the heart pumping like a little exercise.

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