Jet connet India – Connecting India!

Who doesn’t love travelling by air? Air travel has found synonyms like WOW, marvellous and touching the clouds associated with it. The reason is very simple. Being considered a costly luxury, travelling by air has traditionally meant only for the elite or a class that can spend lavish amount. This was true also as all the carrier companies providing their services in India were not affordable and out of the reach of a common man. This long persisting idea of air travel is equal to unaffordable luxury was soon made redundant by the visions of the people at Jet-Airway as they introduced the first commercial low-cost brand Jetlite India in India and won the hearts of millions of middle-class people. Based on the simple principle of no pompous and no embellishments while flying, the Jetlite India was able to lower its operation cost per flight as no free meal, food and beverage services were included into the flight and in case a person wanted these services, they could be purchased. This made the air fare considerably low and affordable.

Few years after its launch the Jetlite India has been revamped and has been merged into a fully functional low-cost airline brand called Jetconnect which successfully covers cities like the Metros of Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai and the Tier II cities like Ahmadabad, Hyderabad and too with aircrafts like the Boeing along with the other smaller aircrafts.

The high-light attraction of the Jet Konnect Indiaairlines is that it has really made air-travelling affordable, low- cost and preferred means of faster travel option. A middle class or an upper middle class person can now think of flying to his dream destination in India and that too on aircrafts like Boeing with no exorbitant tickets. Apart from this, for people willing to spend a little more, it offers services of Premium class on selected routes where the person enjoys the advantages offered on the commercial Jet Airways flight. These services include the meal services along with the lounge services offered on the ground. For its loyal customers, as a token of thanks, it also offers some incentives and surprises, which are offered on count of the numbers of miles that are travelled using the services of Jetconnect.

Offering a novel experience is the Jet konnect web check in facility that allows you to check-in at the airport sitting right at your home or office at with just a click. Forget the pangs of standing in long queues and waiting for your chance for check-in. Instead, use the online interactive facility of Jet konnect web check in and save your precious time.

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