Imperial Wharf Marina, London – Reviewed

The demand for moorings and places to stay is ever increasing and given the demand for river and shore side space from competing users, it is rare for completely new facilities to be built.

However, that is exactly what has happened on the tidal part of the Thames. Imperial Wharf Marina has opened and offers boat owners and visitors another location in the centre of London.

Imperial Wharf Marina is a brand new, non-residential, mooring facility located on the River Thames in front of the prestigious Imperial Wharf development between Chelsea and Fulham. The marina is the first private pier to be built on the Tidal part of the Thames with 24/7 access to the river.

London’s latest exclusive marina has the following facilities:

Exclusive riverside location
Resident Pier Master
No tidal restrictions
Electricity and water
Pier for booking to transfer passengers

The Imperial Wharf Marina is a private pier that runs parallel to the north shore. Visitor boats are welcome although it is advisable to book in advance to reserve a space. The Pier is also available for booking to embark and disembark passengers. It is an ideal location to start and/or finish a cruise on the River Thames in London.

There are excellent transport links to and from Imperial Wharf. The Imperial Wharf overland train station is one stop from Clapham Junction. There are plenty of places for guests to meet for drinks and dining on the riverside. Secure public parking is also close at hand.

Private mooring enquiries are welcome and these should be made via the Pier Master (contact details below).

For recreational craft, the journey up the Tidal Thames can start in the outer approaches between Southend and Sheerness or from other locations along the approaches. To travel the distance, vessels have to take the flood tide as it starts. The location of Imperial Wharf Marina is within striking distance for even the furthest and provides a perfectly convenient stopover for those that are endeavouring to travel further up towards the Non-Tidal Thames and beyond. Of course, its a fair way passed the Pool Of London so vessels will need to check the height restrictions on bridges, before travelling in the area although for most motor boats and cruisers this shouldn’t be a problem.

The unique positioning of the pier along the shore side means that there are no locks to negotiate and therefore no strict time deadlines and massed rafting and shunting as vessels push to leave and enter at one time. At Imperial Wharf the Pier is accessible at all times.

For returning boats, the navigation works in reverse with Imperial Wharf being a good springboard for the trip back out to the Estuary and beyond.

Having made the trip, you will probably find that the location is worthy of staying longer and indeed with all that is immediately nearby visitors may conclude that a stopover in Central London has many attractions. We expect that the location would be great as a permanent base.

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