Fishing Tips For Catching Bluefin Tuna

Fishing has always been fun and a favorite pastime for humans. All you need to catch any fish is a fishing rod and good bait and lots of free time. Mass fishing is done using a fishing net which and this method is generally employed by fishermen as lots of fish can caught in very less time. However, here we will be focusing on using a fishing rod as the method is cheaper and a good way of catching fish while relaxing near or above the water surface and enjoying the cool flowing breeze. Here we will be learning the fishing tips of blue fin tuna.

There are several types of Tuna and there are lot more fishing ideas. The most important part of fishing is the idea or the tips, rather than the rod or the bait. A fine fishing rod with nice bait can be useless with a foolish idea. So here we discuss one very good tips of catching the blue fin tuna. These methods are suggested by top fishing schools and hence are worth trying.

The first thing that you need to focus is the location of catching blue fin tuna. You should go for fishing blue fin tuna in the temperate waters of Pacific Ocean, Indian as well as Atlantic Ocean and they provide the apt habitat for these fishes. Blue fin tuna are one of the biggest as well as long living tuna species found anywhere in the world. Another thing which should be noted is that these fish are fast travelling and can traverse long distances in comparatively lesser time. So it is recommended to do the fishing in a boat which should be moving at a speed of 4-8 knots. Trolling with lures is also suggested as it has been successful. Regarding baits, live or dead baits can be used ad it is found that yellowtail, pilchards and nannygai are very effective for fishing blue fin tuna.

Blue fin tuna is mighty yet wonderful creature. The fish can weigh as high as 2000 pounds and it has been seen by many that the fish can fly up through water at a maximum speed if 60mph, faster than we drive our vehicles in traffic. So fishing blue fin tuna, should be done carefully as if this 2000 pound stuff tries to show its power, a mere human being can find it tough to control. Also if you find sharks and whales in any area, you can be pretty much sure that blue fin tuna can be found nearby. However, patience is something which is the most important requirement while fishing as it is undoubtedly going to take time, unless you are too lucky. Also strength is a big factor, because when the fish gets hooked, it will show all its power to get away from you, and hence huge pulling strength with maintaining balance if extremely necessary for fishing blue fin tuna.

So, if you ever go out fishing, first thing is that, do not be in a rush and be alert all the time…

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