Duty Free Allowance – What To Consider When Travelling To New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the worlds most popular destinations for leisure and business travellers alike. Amongst the many awards and recommendations that New Zealand has obtained, New Zealand has just been selected by Lonely Planet authors, staff and travellers as one of the Top 10 Countries to visit in 2010.

Purchasing dutyfree is a great value method of purchasing a large variety of luxury items, with many travellers taking advantage of the opportunity when overseas. New and innovative developments in the ways to purchase dutyfree are constantly evolving to better provide for consumer needs and trends. Some examples of this development include new and convenient methods of purchasing, including online stores and expedient airport delivery services. Stocking limited lines of exclusive products, along with offering loyalty programs, the dutyfree store is hard to beat on price and product selection.

However, whether you are an inbound or outbound tourist or returning home from an overseas adventure, you must be aware of the duty free allowances that are in place for each of the countries you are visiting. Another important consideration is the countries custom laws and banned items. Many countries, including New Zealand have strict and enforceable customs and duty free allowances, with penalties ranging from confiscation of banned or excessive goods to fines. Ensure your holiday and dutyfree experiences remain positive by taking a little time and investigating the dutyfree allowances applicable in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a generous duty free allowance, but if you are caught bringing in any animal or plant material, instant fines will be the result. New Zealand prides itself on its natural beauty and this depends vitally on the ability of New Zealand customs keeping out foreign bodies that may damage the historic flora and fauna of the nation.

Each country has different duty free allowances and they are often in flux. A recent example of this is in 2008 when the European Commission decided to increase the duty free allowance from outside the European Union without paying UK duty, to over double the monetary value previous to the law change. Therefore, it is vital to check a reputable dutyfree store, or visit their website, to get up to date information on levels of dutyfree allowance. At the time of writing, the New Zealand duty free allowance for an individual is NZ$700, excluding any items used for personal use, such as clothing and toiletries.

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