Cruises A cheap Way to See the World

In the past forty years there has been a tourist boom across the western nations that has allowed exotic travel to feature in the lives of ordinary working people. Many holidaymakers will spend their summers around the Mediterranean and more recently in the Middle East and Africa. For holidaymakers that like exotic destinations but would prefer to visit more than one destination cruises are the perfect way to enjoy some time off. Not only do passengers experience superior levels of service and enjoy excellent entertainment, they also enjoy five or more holiday destinations for the price of one.
Wherever in the world holidaymakers want to go there are cruises that will cover the destination. For those who want to see more of Northern Europe a Baltic cruise is the best option. Holidaymakers that want to see Africa, East Asia or the Middle East can book cruises for each region or fly out and meet departing cruises. One of the most popular bookings is for Transatlantic cruise holidays that stop in the Caribbean, North America or both. For those holidaymakers that have the time there is a 70 night round the world cruise that includes large stretches of North America including as far north as Alaska.

One of the most attractive things about transatlantic cruises is that they also stop in Europe and allow holidaymakers to enjoy destinations close to home on their way to and back from their destinations across the Ocean. Lanzarote, Lisbon and Paris are three of the more well frequented cruise destinations in Europe for those travelling towards the Americas. Lanzrote is usually visited on the way out and due to its position off of the West African coast holidaymakers will be able to enjoy the islands beaches at any time of year. The best beaches on the island are located around Punta Del Papayago and on the Coasta Teguise just north of the capital Arrecife.

On the way back from a transatlantic cruise or on a European cruise holidaymakers will usually stop in Lisbon where winters are mild and the summer months are scorching hot. Holidaymakers visiting Lisbon have a number of beaches to choose from within 20 to 40 minutes on the train. Holidaymakers can also take the bus across the main bridge, Pont 25 Abril to enjoy the beaches near Setubal. Visitors that like cultural sites should take a trip to Sintra where they can buy a ticket to see various attractions around the town.
Once across the ocean holidaymakers have a choice of destinations to choose from and will usually make a stop in Barbados. The island is always one of the highlights on cheap cruises and holidaymakers will enjoy the pristine white beaches and crystal clear waters that have made the island paradise a popular holiday destination for visitors from all over the world. Panama, Mexico and California may also be included in a cruise package so holidaymakers will have no shortage of hot weather to enjoy when getting off at various ports around North America and the Caribbean.

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