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Protecting Your Money While Travelling

More than often we would hear stories of how people lost all their money in a foreign land, and the troubles they had to face because of it. For the locals, especially con artists, it is easier to recognize who are travellers. Even before you could notice, they will vanish with whatever cash you have on you. There are many stories where travellers lost not just their cash but their luggage and other precious belongings like jewellery or those expensive items they purchased at the destination. So it is extremely important that you be totally alert and smart to avoid such situations while you travel. Below we have listed some tips that will help you in protecting your money while travelling.

All Eggs in One Basket – Never keep all your cash in one place. For example, if you are carrying all your cash plus credit and debit cards in your wallet, and if you misplace or lose your wallet, you are left with nothing. It is safer to divide all the cash you have into different piles and then plan to strategically keep them in different places. You will need a few small pouches or zipped plastic bags in which you can store your cash. If you have more than one credit and debit cards, even those need to be divided and stashed in different places. Some cash and a credit and debit card you can carry in your wallet. The other different zipped bags containing cash can be stored in your luggage that you are carrying. You also need to carry some on your person. Apart from your wallet you can store your cash in money belts, but waist money belts can be an easy target, hence you can use leg money belts, which no one can access.
Inside Your Hotel Room – Since you will not be carrying all your luggage with you wherever you go, you can find some safe place in your hotel room to stash some cash. Oftentimes travellers have lost their cash inside their room from their baggage. You can tape some of your cash which is inside the zip bag under a furniture or the bottom of a drawer or inside the shower curtain rod, or inside the zipped cushions on chairs.
Avoid ATMs that are Secluded – In an unknown place, visiting a secluded ATM that too in the late or early hours can be really dangerous. There are many incidents where travellers have been robbed at gunpoint or knifepoint at ATMs. Use money machines that are inside your hotel building or use ATMs in a crowded area. If you cannot avoid going to the ATM at odd hours, then let your friend or partner accompany you, it may deter the thugs.
Change Passwords – In today’s digitally advanced world, most cash transactions happen online, and you might be using your smartphone or laptop to make all financial transactions, hence when you travel, it is highly important to secure your devices with strong passwords. Also be careful when you use your credit cards and ATM passwords, do it carefully so that it is not visible to others. Change them frequently so that no one can access it.

Keep watching this space for more international travel tips, guides, and various hacks that can help while travelling.
The author is passionate about sharing international travel tips and travel ideas for couples and families on a budget. Being a globetrotter, the author has garnered ample experience to give specific tips for numerous destinations.

A Summer Getaway That Promises Leisure, Movies And Much More

Is Monte Vista on your bucket list? Tick it off this summer with a long list of to-dos and must-eat. Don’t forget to include a movie watching spree to that. Apart from being famous for the food and adventures, it is also known for its beautiful drive-in theatre, which allows you to watch your favorite movies within the comfort of your car, truck, hotel room (now that’s something) or the RV.
Just two miles west on Highway 160, you will find a property with a combination of motel and drive-in theatre. This theatre is the most important feature of the motel adjacent to it. Of course, the locales of the hotel in Monte Vista, and the scenic attractions situated quite nearby such as the Great Sand Dunes National Park also make your stay interesting and adventurous.
The two-storey motel has 59 non-smoking rooms, most of which provide excellent views of mountains and large outdoor movie screen. With this, they are equipped with all basic facilities for a comfortable living. Cable/satellite TV, coffee maker, free high speed wi-fi, iron and iron boards are provided. Breakfast is offered complementary with room booking.
Things-To-Do in Monte Vista
Boasting of natural beauty, Monte Vista attracts outdoor enthusiasts through the year. Sightseers generally visit this city in summer. It is recognized as the official tourist season. Monte Vista provides an array of adventure opportunities, including hiking, biking, camping and climbing in summer season. If you love skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobiling, winter is the best time to visit this beautiful town.
The Great Sand Dunes National Park is just few miles from Highway 160. The sand dunes are natural formations and the tallest in the North America. As temperature may increase during the afternoon, morning is the best time to climb up. If you’re traveling with children, you can help them build sand castles. Slide down a massive dune only to cool off by the river side.
Popular attraction, Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge is one of the biggest parks that hosts the annual crane festival. You will find a lot of Sandhill cranes in the San Luis Valley at this time of the year. They have been spending their spring break in the valley for millions of years. This natural phenomenon attracts wildlife watchers from around the country. While flocks of dancing cranes assemble, wildlife experts, biologists and naturalists present educational workshops to visitors.
The city also provides excellent opportunities to sports enthusiasts. Monte Vista is home to a 9-hole golf course where you can play a gentlemen’s game. Foodies can drive to downtown to enjoy dining at local restaurants. The historic downtown is also a go-to place for shopaholics.
Of course, a trip to Monte Vista would be incomplete without watching a movie at Star drive-in theatre. Get there before dusk to get the best spot, if you plan to watch a movie from the comfort of your vehicle. If you don’t want to just drive out at the end of the movie, you can always book an accommodation in Monte Vista, and watch these movies while lying down in your bed. The motel and the drive-in theatre are located in one single property. It’s a family run business. So, you can be assured of home-like environment. Happy holidaying!

Discover The Ultimate Room With a Sea View

Nothing beats waking up to the sound of gentle waves lapping, or pulling the curtains back in the morning to reveal an expanse of tranquil blue water. From ocean-side Bermuda accommodation to Crete’s most well-positioned hotel, here is my selection of the very best views from some of my very favourite beachfront hotels.

All at Sea in Crete

It’s hard to imagine a hotel with a better vantage point over the water than the St Nicholas Bay in Crete. Set on a headland, the resort has the most wonderful views out to sea in three different directions. The hotel manages to take full advantage of this wonderful positioning with a selection of elegant bars each providing access to a different vista out across the azure blue of the Mediterranean. Relax with a cocktail in the Astra Bar, enjoy traditional entertainment in the Kafenion or just sip a cold drink surrounded by water on the Bonatsa Jetty.

Those wanting the ultimate in beachfront luxury should try one of the high-end suites which have their own terrace with pool, right on the waterfront.

Old School Glamour in Bermuda

Enjoy a view of the pristine waters of the Atlantic in the refined surroundings of the traditional Pompano Beach Club in Bermuda. Enjoying a cool cocktail in the elegant Sunset Lounge with a backdrop of stunning ocean views is like stepping back to a bygone age of glamour and sophistication. It is quite unlike any other Bermuda accommodation I’ve come across.

This is one of those establishments where they still insist on collared shirts on gentlemen for dinner, and that is part of what gives this beachside resort its unique charm. Run by the same family since the 1950s, there’s a reassuring continuity here that is reflected in the unchanging, but always inspiring, ocean views.

High Rise Splendour in Croatia

The five-storey luxury Hotel Ola on the Croatian Coast offers luxury and wellbeing alongside its breathtaking views of the Adriatic. Some guests like to go and lie on the beach to get a view of the sea, but personally I prefer taking the lift to the fifth floor and relaxing on the elegant sun loungers dotted around its rooftop terrace. When it gets too hot I simply dive into the high-rise infinity pool and enjoy the views from there.

Looking down on the beach from a pool at this lofty height certainly gives one a sense of wellbeing; if that isn’t enough, the hotel will do its best to make you healthy with a restaurant serving food based on a paleo philosophy menu. And then there’s the gym staff, who are on-hand to help you on their Active Body workout programme. Given the choice, I’d rather lie on the rooftop drinking in the view, but each to their own!

Whether you choose Bermuda accommodation with a hint of glamour, Croatian wellbeing or the stunning vistas across the Mediterranean in Crete, one thing is for sure: nothing compares to a room with a view.
John Dixon is an experienced world traveller and the Managing Director of Prestige Holidays. For over 30 years, he has been providing luxury Bermuda accommodation , as well as holidays to Croatia, Sicily and many other destinations around the globe. John tries to visit each of the destinations regularly in order to ensure the quality of his properties, and stay up-to-date about the latest local news and events. He has a taste for the finer things in life and has an interest in arts, history and culture.

Content Is Key For Travel Booking Solutions

There’s such a vast amount of travel content available today and so many different online travel booking solutions available with just a few clicks of a mouse, it is sometimes difficult to know which is the best fit for your needs. While certain booking solutions may have the functionality and features you are looking for, they may not have the supplier inventory your customers want. In other cases, you may spot an online booking solution with just the content you need, but find that it is lacking the features and functionality you require. The solution to your problems may be found with an online booking engine that has the features and functionality to properly manage your business along with flexible supplier connection capability which will allow you to access various content sources for different travel products.
If your agency is selling multiple travel products, you may want your booking engine to access hotel content using one source, but look to use a totally different connection for your airline bookings or perhaps several other sources when booking a cruise. Finding the all the right travel related content sources in a single online booking solution that has the features and functionality you need can be overwhelming to most initially or a bit of a challenge at best.
Some of the more advanced travel booking solutions even allow you to choose specific content sources by Supplier, providing the ultimate in content source flexibility. You may want to use one GDS ID to make most of your airline bookings, except for a few markets where you prefer to check another GDS ID for the fares of an air consolidator. Your air booking engine needs to be able to quickly and easily support these different connections and know when to use each. Accessing the right content source, for specific content can play a role in determining your success.
As cruise line preferred supplier relationships become increasingly important to securing the best price and commission levels, biasing the cruise line availability display to show preferred suppliers first has become an important tool for many agency owners. Some cruise lines have been quick to recognize the benefits biasing thee display may bring and may offer increased commissions and marketing support to agencies with an online booking solution with this capability.
Travel booking solutions also need the ability to quickly and easily define pre-set business rules so agency owners can adjust a product selling price or promote value add offers and special deals right in the availability display. Simply put, today’s online booking engine needs to keep up with all the different specials and promotions that Suppliers make available today. Selling price adjustments and value add offers need to be easy to define and provide the flexibility to set rules by a specific supplier, travel dates, booking dates, booking channel and more.
Finding a travel booking solution that has the functionality and content you need is an important decision for your business. Finding the right technology partner to assist you in reaching your customers where they shop can be even more important.
Finding a travel booking solutions that has the functionality and content you need is an important decision for your business.