A Guide to Traveling London through Kings Cross Station

The adventurer who wants to learn the city by randomly coming across the interesting things may enjoy traveling from park to park, always great for people watching and discovering the wide variety of Londons inhabitants. Regents, Hyde, Green, and St. James Parks are the main ones, each with distinctive personalities.

The Tube itself is extremely interesting, and its worth reading the entertaining advertisements of the tube, listen to some talented and not-so-talented musicians, pick out who the tourists are and who the natives are the tube can be really enjoyable during your voyage. Take advantage of being in this unique London sub world! Kings Cross is also nearby to Leicester Square and Picadilly, both popular night out areas. Or try traveling round Circle line and seeing how many pubs you can manage to stop at after which, see if you manage to find your way back to Kings Cross on this concentric line! Kings Cross, recently made famous through Harry Potters platform 9 , is more than a fictitious train platform.

Its a station that literally will get you anywhere in London (and beyond) very conveniently. If youre visiting London to shop, to learn its culture, or just to explore it for face value, Kings Cross is the best starting and ending point. You will get to where you need to go quickly, and at the end of the long day, you wont have to wait long to be back at your London home, sweet home.

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