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Tips For Travelling Throughout The World

As all know that the travel is the best use of leisure time. You can double your enjoyment by making a plan of abroad. Be careful while visiting the foreign country. Because you will get whole new experience of different people and places. From the past few months I was writing about the destinations and the attractions of particular destinations. This article is about the safety tips you should carry out during foreign tour. Here are some tips and suggestions you should keep in mind while travelling your own country or overseas.

1.Clutch all the important documents with you like passport, driving license, credit cards, tickets and whatever that you believe that can be important. But not those you can’t afford to lost.

2.Bring a secret or hidden wallet with you for carrying your important documents like identification and valuable documents.

3.If possible keep a Smartphone with you by the Smart device it is easily possible to find you in the case you forget the way in the forest or any dangerous place.

4.Be with your luggage until the luggage is checked or placed at the safe place.

5.Carry general medicines with the correct labels because in some countries the particular medical are outlawed. Also carry on the basic medical information of yours like blood group and allergies and translate this information in the local language where you visit.

6.If you have travel insurance then always keep the copy of your insurance paper with you and a copy at home which accessible for your family members in necessary.

7. Keep your essential phone numbers in two different places. Take the phone number by which you can cancel your credit card, phone number of the hotel where you staying, number of close friends and family members who can help you in any trouble.

8.Never show up your money in public and use the reputed company for exchange currency.

9.If you are travelling with the children then bring newly updated photograph of the child in the case when you separate from them.

10.Try not to talk about your travel plans, accommodation information with the strangers or in public place.

11.You should take an alternate plan with regular schedule of destinations and transportation.

12.Try to take only one credit card because in the case of stolen you can decrease your loss.

13.In the case your cell phone doesn’t work in the foreign country try to renting another one which can work during your trip.

14.Do not wear the clothes in the public which have your name tags. Use only that car on rental which must be by the reputed company with the license. Avoid the unmarked taxi.

15.Fluctuate your schedule and not use the same timing for come and go. Not wear jewelry any expensive ornaments in different country. Take my suggestion and leave your jewelry at your home is better idea.

These are few tips on travelling in foreign country but while visiting America you can take help of good travel company and stay with the Clarion Virginia Beach.

Guidelines For Distance Travelling With Gadgets

Travelling outside the borders of your native land for the very first time is definitely an exciting experience for a novice traveller. The feelings of anticipation and exhilaration can sometimes reach heights that are above and beyond what youre used to. You will end up spending a lot of time preparing for this trip. Aside from booking your flight and accommodation, you will find yourself thinking of the things you need to bring with you. Aside from the basic necessities such as your travel documents, clothes, toiletries, and medicine you may need, you will most likely be bringing these: a mobile phone, so you can keep in touch with the people back home; a camera, so there are pictures to back up your wonderful memories; and, possibly, an e-book reader, a tablet, or an mp3 player, so that you wont be too bored while taking a long coach or train ride. These gadgets may not be essentials per se, but in todays society, most people find it difficult to live their lives without them.

When it comes to your gadgets and travelling to distant places, it is not always as straightforward as you assume it to be. The main challenge lies in the charging. For these gadgets to charge while youre there, you would need a travel adapter because most likely, the sockets in the country you are travelling to will not be compatible with your plugs. Here are the steps to take to ensure that no harm comes to your electronic gadgets while travelling:

1. Know the general socket type of the country. You can find this information on the Internet. If the country you are travelling to is a world-renowned destination, you can expect that five-star hotel rooms will have sockets that will accommodate international plugs. But, its always better to be safe than sorry, so think of bringing your own adapter just in case.

2. Be aware of voltage differences between countries. Some countries, like the United States, use a 110-voltage system, whereas most European nations and other countries go for the 220-voltage system. Using a 110-volt gadget in a 220-voltage power source will lead to your gadget shutting down on you, no longer of any use unless you bring it in for repairs. A 220-volt user plugged into a 110-voltage source may still work after, but optimal charging is not feasible. Thankfully, most of todays gadgets are already manufactured to use 110-240volts to accommodate for regular fluctuations in energy supply; for these, you dont need to lug around a heavy voltage converter just so you can plug your devices. However, watch out for other appliances like hair dryers and baby monitors. Read the back of the device to check out this very important information. If there is such a discrepancy, you may be better off buying another device at the destination country if you really cant live without it.

3. Know where to get the right kind of adapter. Electronic stores may have them. Home and general merchandise shops may have them as well, most likely in the travel section. Duty-free areas in the airport before departure or upon arrival are also your options, but why wait till the last minute? If you dont like the hassle of leaving the house just to buy one or two of these travel adaptors, consider having them delivered to you from online stores. Consider buying international multiple-socket adapters so that you can still use them in your next travel, even though you are travelling to a different place.

When you have these little details sorted in advance before travel, you wont have to worry about them while youre there. With everything as it should be, you can let it all go, immerse yourself in the trip and have a blast.

Transporting And Travelling

Transportation and travelling both have their share of journey. People use various transporting mediums to travel across the country. Travelling is an eminent part of ones life, it adds spice to the life, and it removes boredom adding excitement and enthusiasm to life.
People travel long distances some times to see particular monuments they always wanted to see, sometimes to enjoy the open environment, sometimes to change their landscape, sometimes doctor suggests their customers to travel a bit for the betterment of their health.
Many reasons bring to one destiny i.e. travelling. At times travelling is just another excuse to escape from every day tensions and go to a place of joy and freedom. Some go on adventurous trips, some travel to explore and some people travel just to travel.
You can use any mode of transportation depending on the availability. You can use aircrafts, ships, trains, cars, motorbikes, buses, etc. when it comes to India; it is second largest country in Asia, which gives you multiple options as your mode of transportation, starting from aircrafts to bullock carts.
Well you must be wondering when travelling is so enriching and fulfilling why people say, its good to be home. Yes they say so because travelling can uplift you as well as drain your energy. Going to an unknown place either city or country is not an easy task. Sometimes you dont the local language; it can make your journey tougher. Travelling experiences can break your heart and kill your excitement if not preplanned in a nice way.
To preplan and make your travelling experience as you want it to be there are many service providers, whom we call travel consultancies or travel agents. The can make your visit simpler by doing all the things; you need too taken care of at your journey.
These travelling agents explains you the things and precautionary facts you need to know before visiting a place, as they are experience and have connections in the region. For travelling you need to reach station or airport or to your car to start your journey, then need reservations, and then you will have to reach the place you want to stay, at times you will have to search a lot for a decent accommodation in case you dont have prior reservation.
All this will leave you tired and throw away your excitement. To give you enriching and luxurious facilities India has multiple number of clubs and resorts, which takes care of all your requirements and you can forget about all the tensions. In fact most of the countries which expect tourist and travelers have these vacation club and resorts especially for the travelers.
These clubs provides holiday packages, accommodation, special events on festive occasions, privilege cards, and many other services. They are stretched all over the country and also outside the country. Two big names which are popular for providing such services are
Country vacations
Country club India
Country vacation is recognized by limca book for being biggest chain of hotels and restraints across the globe. Customers complains against country vacation for looting their money by making false promises offering free services which were never received by them. Similar fraud complaints against country club India were made by customers, who paid certain amount of money and got nothing in return.

Travelling with children the new adventure

In recent years, our lives have changed drastically. The arrival of Lucy and Leo has been, and it increase every day, an experience. Time is no longer measured as before and months pass according to the schools calendar. Decisions are based on them, and once you get you to it, it turns out to be quite comfortable. Holidays are holidays and all the past complications to choose the holidays dates are over.

Travelling, as I have mentioned before, is one of our passions and, after the birth of the children we decided to make an effort and maintain our passion intact, making not one, but all the holidays that we can reasonably afford. For the time being we have managed to do a few. The majority are discrete, within Spain, and another has been quite a journey, hoping our children get used to travelling the world!

[/captionSo, yes, we are a family of keen travellers and as such, we have known better and worst holiday destinations… Where would I not return? Mmmm, I think I would always return to all the places we have been (I strongly believe that everyone deserves a second chance) but there are certainly places more interesting than others, especially when travelling with children.

Fuerteventura, for example, I found to be a fantastic place, a dream island for Caroline and myself and an amusement park for the little ones. We choose a good hotel for families (rule No. 1 to survive a vacation with children) and a very comfortable destination: Playa de Jandia, where there was a little of everything. Sports, hiking through the dunes, parks, zoos, and a lot, an incredible amount of beach. I especially liked the atmosphere, ideal for children, but with a something unexplainable that made it different to other family destinations we’ve tried before. I guess that the magic of the island had much to do…

Hoteles familiares

Family hotels

The hotel we stayed at in Fuerteventura, the first child stays for free, so on top of all, we got a very good deal. The offer, very common in many family hotels in Spain, is exceptional, as the programme of activities for children is very complete and leaves plenty you plenty of free time while they are enjoying themselves. In Playa Jandia there are two other similar hotels that is also managed my the hotel chain Iberostar (very recommendable as they always choose qualified professionals to look after the kids, both of mine were delighted with theirs!) A hotel with an adults only area and another hotel for children. We have no stayed at them, but if they are only half as good as the Playa Gaviotas Park, it is well worth it.

Another place that we have become fans off lately, is Majorca. Before we had kids, we always stayed at an adults only hotel in Ibiza with our lifelong friends, but now we have changed the bustle of the -white island- for that of the -island of the calm-, where you have absolutely everything. There is even a Toys’r Us! Our favourite beach? Playa de Muro and Ses Covetes, next to the famous beach of Es Trenc, just a little more quieter and cozy.

For a sun and beach holidays, I read some good reviews on a couple of hotels in the area of Palmanova: it is one of the most touristic destinations on the island, with a majority of British tourists, and we were thinking of spending next years summer holidays discovering the island and give our children the possibility of spending some days learning English while they are swimming on the beach. Does it sound good? It is true that it is not the most -authentic- part of Majorca, but everything has its moment.

Hotels for children in Ibiza

We are planning to return to Ibiza. We have friends that have recently have moved to live there and we want to see for ourselves if what they are saying is true, that there is an Ibiza for all ages… I’ve been researching and, to my surprise, I found some interesting hotels to go with children. Here is a list of those that I have been collecting:
Hotel Hawaii Ibiza
Hotel Tanit Ibiza
Tropic Garden Ibiza
Sol Pinet Playa
Hotel Miami Ibiza If I remember correctly, they all have mini club and are close to the beach. Also, I have tried to include all those that have something different that can make your holiday a little special. Spa, activities and excursions outside the hotel, guided tours, facilities or discounts to rent a car (this is very important and, don’t forget to ask if there is the option for renting children’s chairs !)

Traveling with children is an adventure and I think the best way to live it is to share with them the maximum number of activities and decisions. Although they are young, they know what they want, even better than we do!

How Not To Miss Your Flight

Sometimes the most stressful part of going on holiday, or travelling far away for business is getting to the airport on time, and with good reason, because as we all know, missing a flight can mean having to pay for tickets for another flight, with long delays in between. But if you want to avoid this stress, here are some tried and tested ways to ensure that you wont miss your flight and ruin the start of your holiday.

Be Prepared

This isnt just a motto for the Scouts, but also one for everything that life throws at you, including going on holiday. So as the saying goes, be prepared, mark the dates of your holiday in your diary, a calendar, or even your mobile phone, so you dont forget. Inform your work of your chosen holiday dates so that you wont get caught up in any least minute work problems and time how long it will take you to get to the airport, because every second counts when youre on holiday.

Get Up Early

Set an alarm or two, so that you can get up early and make sure everything is ready for your trip. Ensure that you wake up your family and travelling companions so that they have plenty of time to get ready, and pack snacks and entertainment, such as an MP3 player, books or a portable DVD player.

Get to the Airport

If you got to travel far to the airport, make sure you leave in plenty of time, if you need to take a taxi, book it in advance and let them know what time your flight is, so that it arrives promptly. Keep listening to the radio for the road traffic updates, so that you know which roads should be avoided if youre driving yourself to the airport. The check in time for international flights is three hours before take-off, so make the most of this time in the airport, and read up on information on your destination that you can make the most of your summer holiday.

Tips while Travelling Through Air

Relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the daily life is an important task. Travelling a part of leisure but travelling involves lots of money and time. The solution to this problem is to travel by air with cheap flight tickets to various destinations. >

Here are some of the tips while travelling through air you must consider so that your travel by air would be easy and memorable one for you. They are as follows

You should know the difference between direct and nonstop flights as direct flights will save your time for travelling and make your travel easy.

Make sure that you have booked your flight ticket with the same name that is on your identity proof.

Book the first flight to your destination so that you can reach to your destination early.

Verify and check your documents properly as some of the countries provide you visa on the arrival like Chile, Kenya and India. While South Africa do not provide you visa until you have two blank pages on the passport.

If you require a special seat while Travelling Through Air then you must book your tickets as soon as possible as it would be difficult to get your desired seats.

Electronics should be packed in single layer as it saves time of checking while crossing the check points on the airport.

Before leaving your place do check your bags that you do not carry any sharp items while travelling through air as they are strictly prohibited.

Due to delay of flights you can enjoy your time on the airport clubs and lounges. You can savor the taste of some delicious snacks.

Place your bags near your seat as it is common that when we see an empty space we just fill that space but people don’t realize that causes problems in deplaning and to the other passengers.

If you are in a problem then call for a help from the airport or flight attendants. They will guide you in a better way and please do not rush to call your agent.

Do not carry much luggage while travelling as it will create a mess for you.

Do not carry any food items as they are strictly prohibited while travelling through air.

Do carry a child car seat for those who are below the age of 3 as it will help you and make the travel easy task for you.

Always ask for an exit row seat. You will be more comfortable.

Wear noise cancelling headphones while travelling through air.
You must carry a sleep kit. This kit includes u shaped pillow and an eye mask to bounce off the unwanted light.

Travelling to Barcelona with your children

Barcelona has to be one in every of the favorite Spanish destinations for travellers from the globe over. Kids additionally tend to decide on this charming town as their favorite place after they become older. If you would like to get pleasure from one in every of the most effective family holidays ever, a quaint town like urban center encompasses a fantastic alternative for each folks and youngsters. Also, you’ll appreciate that urban center has a perfect climate all year spherical, with delicate temperatures in winter and hotter temperatures in summer. This {can be} nice as a result of kids can visit the parks and to the beaches throughout the year that may be a bonus.

Travelling with kids these days isn’t a retardant. Indeed it’s quite the opposite! Kids won’t have time to induce bored and each you the fogeys at the side of your kids can get pleasure from the town as an entire family. Additionally to the numerous things to envision and do, urban center has some fine beaches and mountain ranges. Will there be the other reason why you wish to bring your kids to Barcelona? You’ll all have a beautiful time!

One of the most effective ways in which to start out the day and obtain the ball rolling may be a visit to PobleEspanyol, wherever the youngsters will commemorate whereas they discover the streets and also the plazas everywhere Espana. PobleEspanyol may be a place wherever a number of the foremost captivating buildings and monuments from around Espana are reproduced. Its slender streets additionally hide an entire world choked with life: tiny outlets, attention-grabbing museums, workshops, restaurants and even leaf reserved for taking part in on.

After traveling round the completely different components of Espana while not even effort urban center, our next stop would be to require the youngsters to the Aqurium. There you’ll be able to take a walk below a eighty metre glass tunnel to envision the sharks being fed. This explicit storage tank is one in every of the most important within the world: it holds around 11,000 animals from 450 completely different marine species. Recently vicinity for the Humboldt penguin’s aka Peruvian sphenisciformseabird or Patranca has been open. additionally, the youngsters may prefer to play in Explora that is associate degree interactive leisure and academic section of the storage tank, with over fifty interactive things to the touch, look at, listen to, investigate and find out nature with. this may be a beautiful expertise for each kids and adults alike!

And talking regarding animals – successive stop ought to undoubtedly be the menagerie. Barcelona’s menagerie is one in every of the oldest in Espana. it absolutely was inaugurated in 1940. sadly, the most attraction of the menagerie, Copito American state Nieve – a gorgeous and distinctive anomaly pongid died in 2004, however there area unit several different animals to be enjoyed like the dolphins, the lions, the tigers and lots of a lot of.

The menagerie is found in one in every of the foremost lovely and charming parks in urban center, The Ciutadella. It’s one in every of the most important open areas within the town and a requirement for each you and your kids. Walking among its several avenues and gardens may be a real joy. Within the park, there’s a lake wherever kids will sail in a very boat. After, you’ll be able to visit the earth science and also the biology Museums within the park, too.

After strolling idly round the Ciutadella Park, why not take your kids to the IMAX Cinema. It’s a large-format cinema set in Port Vell – not too far away from the park. Projections happen on a special 600 square measure screen. You additionally ought to wear the special 3D glasses thus you’ll be able to totally expertise the magic of associate degree Imax cinema. Do you wish your kids to own a culturally refreshing afternoon? If thus, why not take them to Cosmocaixa. This is often the museum in urban center. Guests are invited to act and participate with the numerous scientific experiments. This is often a firm favorite with many faculties in urban center and simply makes the complete expertise richer and a lot of amusing, significantly for the young ones.

The Camp Nou may be particularly if you’re a soccer fan. The Camp Nou Tour is that the best thanks to expertise urban center F.C from the within. This tour takes you thru the past associate degreed gift of an emblematic sports stadium and includes a visit to the urban center F.C Museum. The array of tableware on show is virtually mind boggling!

If you and your kids are lovers of amusement parks then you wish to require a minimum of every day trip. You’ll be able to visit the Tibidabo Park, a gorgeous and charming amusement park that has the foremost gorgeous views of the town. The amusement park has around a hundred years of history and also the goal of Tibidabo common is to make sure that your expectations area unit exceeded. If you’re feeling a lot of venturesome you’ll be able to travel all the way down to Port Aventura. it’s set in Tarragona that is outside urban center associate degreed an hour and a 0.5 by automobile can get you there. it’s an issue park choked with action-packed adventures from the four corners of the globe: the way West, Imperial China, Exotic Polynesia, Nahuatl North American nation and also the set back Mediterrania.

Finally, you and your kids ought to visit Las Ramblas, the foremost renowned street in urban center. It starts at Plaza Catalunya and goes all the far to the sculpture of Columbus. Your kids can for certain have a good time there gazing the newspaper stands with their several souvenirs, the flower and animal stalls, and every one forms of street artists that paint themselves and seem to be statues – nice fun.

Travel to urban center together with your kids associate degreed rent an living accommodations in urban center – it’s plenty cheaper than a building and you’ll get pleasure from a lot of privacy and freedom and creating each you and your kids feel reception during this captivating town.

Mili Bose is an expert writer. She writes on all topics related to Travel and Accommodation. For more information about Travel to Barcelona, take a quick look at

Explore Netherlands by Staying in an Apartment Amsterdam

While travelling to the capital city of Netherlands, you should look for ways to book your accommodation in any of the apartment Amsterdam. It is only thereby you can witness a unique travelling experience.

The capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam features some of the most brilliant places that attract the global tourist round the year. With a unique variety of flora and fauna, historical monuments, and festivals and trades, this place is sure to enchant your senses greatly. So, do you want to do something anew on this upcoming tour to this part of the world? Then you must book your stay in an apartment Amsterdam. Although staying in Amsterdam hotels would offer a lot of facilities but they wont offer the supreme privacy and quietude that are provided by the apartments. So, if you give these two above-mentioned features a high prerogative on this tour to Amsterdam, you should make your stay in one of the apartments of the city that offers lodging facilities to the global visitors.

Think how you would like spending a quality time with your kids and family on this leisure tour? If such a moment is very hard to experience in your otherwise busy schedule, then it is true that this tour will surely lend you some of the most pictographic moments of your life. Staying away from the usual din and bustle of your life and taking moments out of it to spend with your most precious possessions is all what you might have dreamt so far as of now. And it is in any of these properties that such noble desires can be accomplished. An apartment Amsterdam that is available to the worldwide tourists to make the property as their home out of home is all set to offer you with some of the most unforgettable holidays that you have ever spent before.

Any of the frequently visited Amsterdam apartments also are found to be well equipped with all such amenities that you need to have to spend an enjoyable time therein. So, if you feel like cooking by yourself and enjoy your meals by sitting together that is otherwise difficult to witness, a rent apartment Amsterdam comes with the utensils and the other things that are required to perform your culinary activities. Also you can prepare home made dishes and take them along with you while you are travelling in and around the city destinations. Therefore, if you plan your stay in nay of these properties, you can also enjoy the home cooked foods and thereby do not have to worry about compensating with your tastes.

The location of any of these available rented apartments in Amsterdam also reflects a great amount of uniqueness. Like any well reputed leisure hotels, a rent apartment Amsterdam is also equally well connected with a number of transportation facilities. Therefore, you do not have to worry much about travelling in and around the different city parts. A rent apartment Amsterdam, therefore, is all set to be your ideal choice of lodging while you are making your visit to this part of the world. So, start your preparations right now; book your accommodation in one of the rented properties before someone else get hold of it.

Different Types Of Travel Agencies

The main function of any travel agency is to, of course, act as an agent. This includes selling tickets and travel products, reservations, and so on, on behalf of one or several suppliers. Travel agents generally work with no charge to the traveler him or herself. Rather, the travel agent takes a small commission from the overall cost. Again, this isn’t added on top of the sale or anything like that. Rather, their commission is taken out of the advertised price.

So why go through a travel agent? Well, besides the simplicity and convenience, the main draw is that travel agents receive tickets at significant discounts.

This is pretty much how travel agencies work the world over. However, there are a few different types of travel agents&

General Sales Agents for Foreign Travel Companies

A general sales agent is something like a tourism ambassador. A company with its headquarters located in, say, Japan, might set up travel agency offices all around the world to encourage tourism to the country where their headquarters is located. The travel agent will still seek to find better deals for their customers (as, after all, that’s what turns a customer into a return customer), so they are not indebted to any one airline or hotel, but, they do tend to focus strictly on travel to, and within, the country where their headquarters is located.

Business and Commercial Travel Agencies

Most travel agencies have a department of business travel and a department of leisure travel. The needs for one traveler and the other tend to vary in a few significant ways, and so, splitting up the duties amongst a couple of departments can help to allow either department to specialize, finding better deals for business travelers on the one hand, and better deals for leisure travelers on the other. However, there are also travel agencies that specialize strictly in business and commercial travel. Incidentally, there aren’t a whole lot of agencies that restrict themselves solely to leisure travel.

By Class

In the United States, there are several main types of travel agencies: corporate-owned national chains, national/international franchises, membership associations — such as AAA — and independent, locally owned travel agencies with no brand or corporate affiliation. National chains will have the most consistent policies and pricing not matter where you go, and often the best international “hotline” customer service, but not always. Big-name franchises offer similar perks but different local owners can opt out of certain promotions and pricing specials. Membership-based associations are often less commission-focused since they rely on member fees. Independent agencies tend to cater to niche markets, such as assisting sports teams, church and school groups looking for inexpensive travel, and large group options.

Cargo Travel Agencies

A few travel agencies specialize in shipping cargo. Of course& that’s not entirely relevant if you’re looking to fly for business or personal reasons. Still, this should go to show how many different areas an individual agency can specialize in.

Online Travel Agencies

One of the real boons to the travel agency industry has been the use of the internet to allow travel agents to let their travelers compare a wide variety of options for hotels and airline tickets. Ironically, there was some fear for a period of time that, by selling tickets directly to travellers, the travel agencies would go out of business. However, a handful of travel agencies have proven that, even if you can find good deals yourself, there are still instances where a travel agency can find you an even better one. Many traditional bricks-and-mortar travel agencies now have full-service web sites so that you can get the best of both worlds: convenience of self-serve online booking with the benefit of talking to a real person when you need it.

Multi-Destination and Niche Agencies

If you want to split it up into just two types of travel agency, you have multi-destination and niche. Multi-destination out-bound travel agencies are usually larger, offering flights to just about anywhere. Niche agencies are usually independent, and focus on one specific part of the world. If you’re flying to say, Greece, you might find a niche agent who knows the area very, very well. Most of these niche agencies cater mainly to people with family in that country, or who do business there on a regular basis.

Consider your individual needs, preferences, and trip objectives when choosing your travel agent. Different types of agencies provide different levels and types of services. If you are a frequent globe trotter, you may want to use a large corporate travel agency with many branches in countries all over the world. Or you may view travelling as a treasure hunt or puzzle, where researching and finding the most off-the-map places is half of the fun. If this is the case, a niche operator may be just the right travel partner for you.

Travelling South America Speaking Spanish

Speaking Spanish has become a key ability for professionals and travelers. Thats why wed like to share this story with you. We hope it will give you an additional reason to book a Spanish course in Argentina!

Im a freelance journalist for different newspapers and magazines in Germany. Travelling is one of my passions. Last year my destination was South America. I started my journey in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. At the beginning everything was easy because it is a small town with a lot of tourists and I could get by with my English at the hostel, with the guides and other tourists.

However, as my trip took me to more and more marvelous places, I gradually realized that only speaking English reduced my possibilities to make friends and to take advantage of a great amount of opportunities. For this kind of trips, its far better to be able to communicate with local people and get to know the country from their point of view. That is why I decided to take a Spanish course in Argentina.

It was a real surprise to find such a wide variety of Spanish courses on the Internet: Spanish one-on-one, group lessons, Spanish and tango, Spanish and salsa, Spanish and wine, Spanish and nature, Spanish for international exams, Spanish for special purposes, etc.

Of the other countries I had visited during the first three months of my trip, none can compare to Argentina in regards to the variety of Spanish courses offered. I took the following step to decide which city in Argentina attracted me enough to make a stop and stay for 2 weeks or more to learn Spanish.

As the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires had plenty of options, but the idea of staying a long time in such a big and European-like city wasnt my first option. Mendoza is a beautiful city located by the Andes. It offers extreme sports and wine, but not enough to stay for 2 weeks. This is how I ended up in Cordoba, Argentinas second largest city. It provided all I needed: high standards of education, young people, plenty of cultural activities, nightlife and natural settings half an hour away to breathe some fresh air.

I finally made my decision! I would take a 5-week course: 3 in Crdoba, 1 in Mendoza and 1 in Buenos Aires. Until then I didnt know there were schools which gave students the option of combining 2 or 3 destinations, thus saving travelers time and money. I could choose where to start and continue my course in a new place. Because of the distance, I decided to start in Mendoza.

I arrived with hola, gracias and una cerveza, por favor as my only forms of communication in Spanish. After a week of group lessons in the morning and activities such as wine tasting in bodegas, trekkings in the Andes and rafting on incredible rivers in the afternoon, I could feel a bit more at home. In Cordoba the experience was wonderful, as well. The school offered the possibility to take a combined course: group course in the morning and private lessons in the afternoon. Thanks to these lessons that were all in Spanish and were managed very professionally by experienced native-speaking teachers, I really began to feel the Spanish language, enjoy short conversations in Spanish, socialize, ask for information, talk about myself, etc. .. all in Spanish!

In Cordoba I also had time to go out at night, I visited museums and walked around. I also enjoyed outdoor activities in the hills during the weekends, such as horse riding, spelunking, hiking and sailing.

My course in Cordoba was coming to an end and it was time to travel to Buenos Aires. Last week, not much time left, a lot to do, and above all, a lot to learn. My Spanish was significantly better as was my enthusiasm to communicate with people had grown. I was able to speak better everyday. Now I could say Spanish was my new passion and Argentina, too.
Back in Stuttgart, I countdown the days to pack again and take a new Spanish course in Argentina.