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The Truth About U.s. Medicare Benefits On Filipino Soil

Many balikbayans worry that leaving America would mean forfeiting their U.S. Medicare benefits. Talks about the extended and out-of-the-country coverage of U.S. Medicare mushroomed in 2007. (Early references are available at the My Philippine Retirement website). Is U.S. Medicare portability a rumor or a reality?


U.S. Medicare, created in 1965, was originally intended for American retirees. The program was later revised to cover not just the retirees, but also the younger population who may be suffering from Lou Gehrigs disease, end-stage renal disease and permanent disabilities.

While the program does not offer completely free health care, it does foot 80 percent of the bills. The program has a 3-part structure:

* Original. Part A offers hospital insurance and inpatient hospital care, while Part B offers medical insurance and outpatient hospital services, to include emergency ambulance, preventive care and visits to the doctor.

* Medicare Advantage. Part C covers the basic health care of the original plan plus additional services like eye care and dental care. This plan can be availed through private enrolment in accredited health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

* Prescription Drug. Part D deals exclusively with prescription drugs. It is available as a stand-alone option or as a tie-up option to an existing U.S. Medicare Advantage plan.

Since the original structure is not comprehensive, Medigap plans offered by private insurance companies are there to supplement a host of special health care.

Standard Medigap plans are referenced as letters C to J, but on June 1, 2010, the U.S. Department of Health Services is scheduled to introduce new policies M and N in lieu of H, I, J and E.


U.S. Medicare coverage in a foreign hospital is limited, with very few exceptions: (1) when the insured resides in the U.S. but the most proximate hospital is a non-U.S. territory, or (2) when an emergency arises while the insured is travelling without unreasonable delay between Alaska and another U.S. state, and a Canada-based hospital is the closest place to seek emergency care.

In March this year, the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced that original U.S. Medicare benefits can also be enjoyed in Philippine-based hospitals.

The arrangement is limited though. The report explains: Residents of Guam and Saipan are allowed to seek medical treatment outside of the U.S. on emergency cases due to the proximity of the Philippines vis–vis Hawaii, the nearest U.S. state.

There are at least two names that paved the way for U.S. Medicare portability in the Philippines, reports attribute: Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo and then Philippine DFA Secretary Roberto Romulo.


To verify U.S. Medicare portability rumors, My Philippine Retirement called up three Manila-based hospitals which as claimed by a San Francisco Chronicle article have been processing reimbursements since 2009.

The findings: There are no records yet of original U.S. Medicare reimbursements. However, there are a number of international health insurances with U.S. Medicare Advantage tie-ups:

* Asian Hospital and Medical Center – (Allianz) Worldwide Care, William Russel, Vanbreda International, TieCare, TakeCare, Net Care, CIGNA, Pacific International, IMG, Blue Shield, Blue Cross International, Alliance and AETNA. E-mail or call +63 (2) 771-9000, 876-5838.

* Makati Medical Center – Vanbreda International, TieCare, International SOS, Prestige International, Net Care, International Health Insurance of Denmark, IMA, HTH World Wide, GMC Services, and AETNA Global Benefit. E-mail or call +63 (2) 870-3000 or 870-3008.

* St. Lukes Hospital StayWell and Calvos. E-mail or call +63 (2) 723-0101 or 723-0301.

Note: The list is up to date as of March 2010. It is essential to refer to the insurance plan by name because majority of the hospital personnel are not fully aware of U.S. Medicare details.


In 2011, U.S. Medicare expenditures will surpass the revenues, experts predict. Several publications indicate that this can be prevented through off-shore coverage where the same health care quality can be enjoyed at a reduced cost. This is the direction where U.S. Medicares Part C is headed.

The recently signed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by U.S. President Obama is also expected to influence the retirement plans of former Filipinos and U.S. tax payers. Many anticipate that the better health service promised by the latest reform may not necessarily come out cheap.

Take, for instance, Terry who will be retiring a decade from now. Im anticipating my premiums to increase from 100 dollars a month to over 500 dollars, she reveals. Her current monthly health insurance premium already covers her and her husband.

They earlier agreed to call the U.S. their permanent home, but are now open to becoming balikbayans upon retirement. When it comes to health care, Terry explains, it seems as if the health care services in the Philippines will give the best bang for our buck.

Terry will be retiring in the next 10 years.*

Car Racks Are So Helpful While Travelling or Outing

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Pune To Chennai Travelling From The Oxford Of East To The Gateway Of South India

Pune, the largest city in Maharashtra is located on the western part of Deccan plateau among the Western Ghats. This hilly city is a blend of old and modern places and attracts many migrants, students and tourists from all over the country. Pune is well known for its educational institutions and sugar, forging, automotive and IT industries. The city is also called the cultural capital of Maharashtra as it plays an important role in encouraging classical arts, music, theatre and literature. Forts, caves, scenic spots, religious places, historical places, museums, zoos and amusement parks make Pune a favourite tourist destination.

Chennai, earlier known as Madras is the capital of Tamil Nadu state in South India. It is located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. It is a major educational, commercial, cultural and political centre of the country. The economy is mainly lined by automobile, software, hardware and medical services. Chennai is also popular for its classical music and dance concerts, theatre and the film industry. The most modern theme parks, multiplexes and malls along with ancient temples, churches, beaches and monuments all make the city a wonderful place to visit.

Pune is connected to Chennai by road, rail and airways. All major airlines have regular flights from Pune to Chennai. Direct flights take one hour and forty five minutes to reach Chennai.

There are 4 direct trains from Pune to Chennai namely the Dadar Chennai Egmore Superfast Express (12163), Mumbai CST Chennai Mail (11027), Pune Chennai Central Garib Rath Weekly (06027), and Mumbai CST Chennai Express (11041). Alternatively one can get several trains from Pune to Aarkkonam, Secunderabad, Daund or Vijayawada and take a connecting train from there to Chennai. The direct trains take approximately 21 to 23 hours. Chennai station is 4 kilometres from the city centre which can be reached by hiring an auto or taxi.

Pune to Chennai is 1091 kilometres via roadways. Several government and private bus operators offer fairly good connectivity from Pune to Chennai and the ticket reservation can be made online. The bus journey will take around 20 hours depending on the traffic and road conditions. The A/C buses charge anywhere from Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 per ticket which may vary with the type of bus chosen. One can also hire a cab which is suitable for group travellers or can take own vehicle which is suited only for adventurous travellers. Chennai can be reached via National Highway 38, 16 or 9 from Pune, with Bangalore as a major stopover point in between.

Train journey and flight are the most preferable modes of transport between the 2 cities than roadways.

Spend Your Student Holidays Travelling

There’s no time like your university years for finding your feet. Away from home and discovering how to make it in the wide world, this is the perfect period of your life to try experimenting with different things and trying out lifestyle choices. The long summer and winter breaks also make your student years good ones for fitting in some travel. There are very few jobs that offer such extensive breaks, so students are well advised to make the most of idle weeks while they can. Although, student status does make budgeting and choosing cost effective holidays a crucial part of the planning stage. .

On the flip side, being a student can also often open up a whole selection of money saving opportunities – such as student rail cards and special deals. These special offers are sure to vary greatly from country to country, so make sure you do plenty of research before you travel to make sure you can get the best from them.

However, some investments work well in a variety of countries spread all across the globe, so an STA card could be a very good investment while if you know you’re likely to travel most in one particular region, such as in America or Europe, rail cards could be a good choice too. You can also trim your budget by buying an up to date guide book before travelling, as out of date information is like to send you on a wild – and expensive – goose chase.

If you’re not too worried about staying in luxurious surrounding, you’ll find that one of the best ways to save money while travelling is by staying in hostels. By choosing a bed in a dormitory you can drastically cut your costs, however you should be prepared for potentially disturbed sleeps. Hostels tend to suit younger travellers best, especially when they are open to making new friends, so your student years tend to be the perfect time for this money-saving ploy.

Of course, if you’re planning to travel the world during your student years, it’s important to make sure you’ll be covered for unforeseen circumstances. See if you can cut your costs by searching for specific student travel insurance policies and be sure to shop around to find the one that offers you the best cover for your circumstances and the kind of places you plan to travel to. Make the most of your chance to explore the world by preparing well and minimising risks.

Always opt for the Best Package Deal While Travelling Abroad

If you have been lately thinking to travel around the world or enjoy a holiday on a budget then you must consider one thing first. One of the important questions to be answered is whether it is best to plan the entire tour independently as in separate hotel reservations and airfares or opt for a package deal where you get the best facilities for one reasonable price. Unfortunately, in today’s times there isn’t one concrete answer to the dilemma as everything boils down to your desired destination and what deals are available at that point of time. As a traveler you must have noticed that going off to European countries can always prove cheaper especially during off- season as many airlines run specials on flights to diverse exotic locations in Europe.

On similar lines, there are many great deals available if you are touring Asia. But as a traveler when you are travelling on a budget you must check on the internet various deals available that suit your requirements. It can be said that the decision whether to opt for a package deal or go for an independent travel primarily depends on the traveler’s situation. Whatever be the decision but make sure to carefully compare the package rates with those for independently arranged travel rates to the same destination where you intend to travel. There will be many budget hotels available at your disposable and you can select one as per your needs and requirements. Furthermore, keeping rates aside, never forget to take your personal traveling style into account. While some might love the idea of package deals, but there also many who like the freedom that comes with independent travel offers.

If you have been lately thinking to make a trip to the culturally-coated land of Pune, then you must confirm your hotel reservation with Hotel Studio Estique. StudioEstique is one of the finest Hotels in Pune which will provide you with all the necessary facilities at affordable rates. You can log in to our website and check out different attractive packages in offer. All in all you get the best of modern facilities at an affordable rate.

How To Reduce Financial Damage With A Forex Card When Travelling Abroad

When you are travelling abroad, there is a possibility of indulging in a little expenditure, be it for shopping or staying in a hotel. However, there is a high possibility of being at the receiving end of financial fraud or damage if you are not careful. In this article we give you relative information on how to reduce financial damage with a forex card.

Currency Fluctuations

Forex cards are ideally used to avoid the problem of currency fluctuations. When you top up the card, you normally top it up with the value of the currency from the country you will be visiting. Thus if you many any financial transactions in that country, you will be charged with the currency conversion rate at the time when the card was topped up. Therefore if the conversion rate is high you will not be at a loss by paying the higher amount. However, there is a high chance you will lose out if the conversion rate is low.

Limited Funds

A forex card has a limited amount of funds on the card. If you finish the funds on this card, there is a long process of reloading finance on the card which can be done only from the home country. Thus, this prevents you from over expenditure during your purchases. It also works beneficially to your advantage if the card is stolen or lost. If the card is stolen or lost, it can be remotely blocked. In such a case, the remaining funds can be transferred into the replacement card. Also, if there is any remaining funds in the card it can be transferred back into your account once you return back to your home country.

PIN Protected Cards

When you apply for this card, you normally receive a PIN code with it. This code can only be used by you alone and no one else. This code is created to prevent un-authorized usage of your card, without your knowledge. Any financial transactions will only take place once the PIN is used on the machine. This PIN can be changed only by you as long as the banking institute is aware of it. If there is any change in the PIN code, you will be immediately informed of it.

Updates on your Phone

If you are using you phone when you are travelling abroad, you ensure that you card is connected to you phone network where you can get alerts for all the financial transactions you undertake. Thus in this way, you can ensure that you aware of all the transactions that take place on your card. You can also get alerts when the funds of your cards are getting low and thereby reduce your expenditure.

Volcanic Ash Cloud Could Hamper Travel to South Africa this June

More than 20,000 football fans are expected to travel to South Africa for the worlds premier football event this June. There is however widespread concern that the recent volcanic ash cloud that affected air travel worldwide could lead to further flight delays or trip cancellations.

In light of the above football fans have been urged to buy travel insurance upon booking their flight tickets to avoid potential losses due to cancelled flights.

Paul Thilo, Vice President – Consumer Marketing at Direct Travel Insurance said: “Many of our customers are concerned about their forthcoming holidays, particularly as the volcanic ash situation may continue. Football fans heading to South Africa should make sure they have suitable cover and not simply consider insurance as an optional extra. Our ambition is to enable our customers to focus on enjoying the football, which promises to be a fantastic event.”

UK travel insurance provider Direct Travel has confirmed that they will cover claims from customers that are either stranded abroad or cannot travel due to the volcanic ash. Many travel insurance policies do not cover such situations, but in light of these extraordinary circumstances Direct Travel Insurance is treating this as an adverse weather event. This means customers may be able to make a claim for Delayed departure, Abandonment or Missed departure under their policy.

Direct Travel Insurance, nominated as the most trusted travel insurance provider in the Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2010, offers 24 hour medical emergency services, Medical expenses up to 20m per person, Missed departure up to 1,000 per person, Delayed departure up to 350 and Abandonment up to 6,000 per person. If the volcanic eruptions affect travel to South Africa, football fans that have a Direct Travel Insurance policy will be able to submit a claim for Delayed departure, Missed departure or Abandonment.

For further press information, contact Sally Wilkinson at Direct Travel Insurance on 07894 095 384.

Note to editors:

Established in 1993, Direct Travel Insurance has now insured 8 million people and provided winter sports cover for 1.4 million policyholders.
Direct Travel Insurance offers Single Trip, Winter Sports travel cover, Backpacker insurance and Annual Multi-trip travel insurance.
Direct Travel Insurance policies include a 24 hour medical emergency service, Medical expenses up to 20m per person, Missed departure up to 1,000, Delayed departure up to 350 and Abandonment up to 6,000 per person.
Direct Travel Insurance will automatically extend cover, at no extra cost, for all policyholders that are stranded abroad due to the travel disruption.
Direct Travel Insurance offers Talking Nurses, a free service giving health advice to worried travellers, including information on local medicine when travelling abroad.

Travelling from Chennai To Hyderabad

Travelling from Chennai To Hyderabad

The beautiful city of Hyderabad is located in the Deccan plateau. The city has got hundreds of years of history associated to it. The city is on the banks of the river Musi it is also called the City of Pearls as it famous for its pearl jewelers. There are many places which interest tourists they are the Mecca Masjid, Chowmahalla, Jama Masjid, Falaknuma Palace, Qutub Tomb, Golconda Fort, Nizam’s Museum, Salar Museum and St. Josephs Cathedral. People from all parts of the world visit this gorgeous city for a vacation. Jaipur the city has gorgeous looking forts and palaces. It is a city rich in culture and tradition. It is brimming with colors of India. It has become a very popular tourist destination and people from all parts of the world visit this splendid location for a vacation. Chennai is the capital of the southern city of Tamil Nadu. It was earlier known as Madras. It is the business hub of the south and as a result there are many people coming in from all parts of the world to trade. It has many tourists also visiting for a vacation. In the past few years the city has rapidly grown into a developing metro city. To cater to the needs of the people travelling from Chennai to Hyderabad, there are many flights that operate on a daily bases between the two capital city. One can easily go on the internet and find tickets that suit their budget. The fares usually start at Rs 3500 and can go up during the peak season. This for sure saves a lot of time and there are many cheap options that one can find on the internet. Other than that we have the facility to check for all the different airlines one can choose from and compare prices between all of them. It gives us the flexibility of choosing the date and time of travel. There are many trains also from Chennai to Hyderabad as well. The fares start at Rs 600. The journey from Chennai to Hyderabad takes 10hours. It is a very comfortable and a safe journey. The Indian railway has the facility of online booking as well. The taxi services from Chennai to Hyderabad are easily available. They are inclusive of a lot of facilities and their demand is very high by the people. Since there are so many cab services to choose from, each taxi offers great benefits to outdo their rivals. It is these offers that appeal to customers and they choose the best taxi available to the destination. These services are become extremely popular amongst the people. These services are very helpful since you get the freedom to choose the taxi according to your needs and requirements. For more Information on Chennai To Hyderabad and Jaipur To Agra For more Information on Chennai To Hyderabad and Jaipur To Agra p>

Coach Holidays Are The Most Fascinating Way To Go On A Vacation

Holidays and vacations are extremely expensive these days. Hence, it is very difficult to find something that will be reasonable and within your budget. However, coach holidays are an exception to the rule. It offers you satisfaction that you had never experienced before. Most of the coaches come with different attributes, which fascinate most travelers. Folding seats, climate control, glazed windows and complimentary drinks are part of the services offered. This beats other travelling modes since it is enjoyable and comfortable.

Most people consider these holidays as one of the best because there is no question of paying high taxes unlike other means of travel. If you are thinking in terms of environment then you should know it is much safer than car or any other means of transport that you use for travelling to a holiday destination. This mode of travel is a huge attraction for people of all age groups. While on coach holidays you get to enjoy the scenic trails, beautiful scenery, mountainous terrain, rugged coastline, and other panoramic views.

During your journey you get to meet many friendly people. The people make your trip even more interesting. This might not be the right option for everyone but it is definitely an interesting option for many people. The best part is that you can make your bookings through the Internet for your holidays. So, you can be rest assured of having the most memorable moments with the coaches.

Are you feeling the pinch of the rising prices? Like other British families you too can cut back on this year’s summer holiday or you can opt to go on a coach holiday. It is a great way to treat the family without having to break the bank. Many people feel that coach tours have become old-fashioned but they are very wrong. These tours have an elegant and charming appeal about them. So, if you are planning for a tour then book for coach holidays Wales.

While you are on a coach holiday you will get evening meals as well as breakfasts. If you have booked a coach tour package then you can avail a range of entertainment at different hotels. If you manage to book from a good provider then you can get great prices that will include excursions and bed and breakfast too. During your coach holidays Wales journey you can be assured of getting the utmost. One is always pampered when they are travelling via the coaches. Chances of loosing your luggage are less, as they are safe with you or in storage racks.

Before signing up with any firm you should click on the terms and conditions. After you are satisfied with the conditions and you know there are no hidden issues then you can make your booking. You must make sure that the company is authentic before you go ahead to book. If you are lucky you may be able to avail special discounts and offers.


An EPIRB (or an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) is a device that enables anyone that is travelling on the sea to be safe, wherever they are. What the EPIRB does it alerts the Search and Rescue Authorities if the boat or any crew member is in danger and needs to be rescued for any reason. An EPIRB is fitted to a boat and is registered to the boat (unlike a PLB which is registered to the owner). An EPIRB can either be manually activated, usually by pulling a switch or pressing a button, or it can be automatically activated, this happens whenever the device comes into contact with enough water. If the EPIRB is going to be manually activated, then there is usually a guard or a tab which needs to be removed before activating, this is to stop an EPIRB being accidentally activated. When it is automatically activated, the device has a knife which cuts the cord keeping the EPIRB in the housing, allowing it to freely float on the water.

EPIRBS can be fitted into any type of boat but they are required by law to have one on all commercial boats such as passenger boats, cargo ships, tankers and containerships which are over 300 tonnes. Those which are fitted need to reach the minimum IMO SOLAS standards (International Maritime Organisation, International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea).

After an EPIRB is purchased, it must be registered before being fitted. Every country has a different registration contact address, for example in the UK your EPIRB must be registered with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. You must provide details of the vessel, information on the beacon and personal contact details. These details will be saved and in case of an emergency, they will be used to check to see if the distress signal is genuine.

After being activated, the beacon will transmit a coded distress message on the 408MHz frequency via the COSPAS-SARSAT network of satellites. The COSPAS-SARSAT network of satellites have been designed to have complete global coverage meaning that wherever you are in the world, the beacon will be covered and will work.

The coded distress message that is transmitted from the beacon will have a unique code which links it to the specific EPIRB, from this the location that the EPIRB has been registered with will show the details of the EPIRB. The vessel is then contacted to see if the emergency is genuine and if it is it then the appropriate search and rescue authorities will be contacted and they will then go to rescue the people onboard the vessel. There location will be shown from where the EPIRB is transmitting the coded distress message.

EPIRBS are activated manually by pulling a switch or pressing a button. Or if it is housed in a auto housing unit then it will be activated automatically when it comes into contact with water. Another method of activating the EPIRB is to remove the EPIRB from the housing and then throw it into the water.