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Noteworthy Factors Of Medical Crisis While Travelling

Helping those in need leads to an unexpected medical crisis for Charlotte, North Carolina residents, Jack and Shelley Boomhower, but their advanced preparation pays off.
It’s good to be home in Charlotte, North Carolina, for Jack and Shelley Boomhower. Mr. and Ms. Boomhower were recently residing in a remote overseas location, as part of a mission trip with Wycliffe Associates. Wycliffe Associates has supported the worldwide efforts of Bible translation through dedicated service in numerous areas of ministry.
Their Healthcare Incident During their missionary travels, Mr. Boomhower suffered an unexpected stroke in the middle of the night. Their team leader immediately contacted Seven Corners, the company the Boomhowers had purchased insurance with prior to leaving on their mission trip. Immediately upon receiving the call on March 7th, the Seven Corners After Hours Team immediately contacted their Assistance Medical Director, determined the closest facility that could provide proper care for a stroke, and arranged all the transportation and appointment to the facility. As the morning hours commenced, Seven Corners and their team overseas had determined the country that would have the most comprehensive and appropriate care available for Jack. Seven Corners had a pre-qualified hospital located in that country. Arrangements were then set in place to move Jack to the pre-qualified hospital via air ambulance transport. Seven Corners coordinated with this hospital via their coordinator who spoke the local language to arrange for immediate admittance upon arrival and provided all of Mr. Boomhower’s insurance information to the facility in advance of the arrival.
The team leader, worked closely with Seven Corners which allowed Shelley to be with Jack at all times which was also very helpful in completing the paperwork and coordination of the care. Seven Corners explained all of the benefits of the insurance Shelley and Jack had purchased to the team leader. They arranged for payment to the local hospital with the team leader and detailed the medical evacuation benefit that allowed Shelley to travel with Jack to the pre-qualified hospital which included an accommodation benefit for her as well as the medical care benefits for Jack. There was also a benefit for travel back to their home town in the US to obtain further treatment and recovery once stabilized that Seven Corners staff wanted to make the team leader and the Boomhowers aware of.
During the next weeks, Seven Corners and the hospital maintained frequent contact regarding Mr. Boomhower’s status and ensuring the hospital payment paperwork was handled appropriately. On March 26th, 19 days after the incident occurred, Seven Corners received information from the pre-qualified hospital that Jack was cleared for travel back to the United States. After confirmation by the Seven Corners Medical Director and the Neurologist on his fit for flight status, Seven Corners again worked with the team leader who passed the information on to Shelley. He was officially discharged on April 3rd and transported with Ms. Boomhower back to Charlotte, North Carolina where he is undergoing medical rehabilitation at the Charlotte Medical Center.
The Boomers are grateful for all of the immediate attention that Jack was provided and feel fortunate to have had the support of so many people.
“We believe it is important for people to be prepared if they are traveling overseas and are so thankful that we have taken that seriously when we have traveled.” stated Shelley. “And we are so appreciative for the excellent support of Seven Corners staff during such a trying time. How thankful we are that we had a responsible Insurance that we could rely on when we were out of the United States as well as when we transitioned to services in the US. Everyone has been so helpful through every step of the process. So often we think of dealing with insurances and cringe at the thought of the complicated paperwork and the small print but that has not been the case here. They made the paperwork painless for us, and there have not been any negative surprises which is such a blessing when I really want to focus my time and attention on getting Jack well again.”
Their Journey Ahead The journey of recovery ahead will be a challenging chapter in the Boomhower’s life, and yet their good will and faith will guide them through strongly, and they will go on with their goals of spreading joy and hope throughout the world starting in their own community.
Ms. Boomhower related that their family was not accustom to being the focus of so much attention but continues to express her gratitude for everyone’s consideration and prayers for the family. The entire family was so grateful for the personal attention they were all given by Seven Corners staff and said it was such a tremendous weight off their shoulders to work with a company that was so helpful during their time of crisis.
While no one can be fully prepared for a medical crisis, there are things that can be done to protect yourself so if something does go wrong, expert assistance is immediately available to you. Ms. Boomhower said there was a day when she felt the money spent on insurance when they were traveling seemed like an unnecessary expense considering how healthy they were, but now she wants to take the opportunity to let people know that travel coverage with a reputable company is invaluable. We appreciate the Boomhowers sharing their story to help people better understand what things we might want to consider relating to our health when leaving our home town.

Best Places To Visit In Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a cosmopolitan and thriving capital city, and most travellers will find it difficult to imagine that the war only ended here in the mid-1990s.

The capital city of Bosnia has since been re-built and backpackers will now find inexpensive Sarajevo hostels and many things to see and do. Here are a few ideas:
The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Located in central Sarajevo, the National Museum of Bosnia offers a unique insight into the rich history of the city. Founded in 1880, the museum contains the oldest Sephardic Jewish document in the world and the Haggadah, a fourteenth-century religious text.

The Ars Aevi Museum of Contemporary Art
The Ars Aevi Museum of Contemporary Art was conceived during the siege of Sarajevo, and created to develop Bosnian art and further international art projects, with an impressive array of contemporary exhibits. Quick-witted travellers will realize that the museum name is an anagram of Sarajevo.

Bijambare Cave
Take in the city’s stunning natural beauty and head for the Bijambare Cave. Located in the north-eastern part of Sarajevo, deep within conifer woods, lakes and meadow, Bijambare is one of five caves open to the public and is easily accessible from most Sarajevo hostels. See the natural formations such as stalactites and stalagmites or try mushroom-picking and skiing, some of the other popular pursuits at Bijambare.

National Theater
For evening of culture, head to the National Theater to see a play, ballet, opera or concert at very reasonable prices. Backpackers on a budget should check beforehand for details of discounted tickets.

Sarajevo Rock Music
Before the war, Sarajevo was a haven for pop rock. Travelling rock fans can still hark back to the golden age of Yugoslav rock music by heading for the many bars that still play tracks from Bosnian rock bands, ranging from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Sarajevo Film Festival
One of the highlights of the cultural calendar in Sarajevo is the Sarajevo Film Festival. It first took place in an atmosphere of defiance during the siege of Sarajevo. It now attracts international actors, directors and industry professionals. Travellers arriving in Sarajevo for the film festival should ensure they have booked their Sarajevo hostel well in advance to ensure they are not left stranded!

Baarija Nights Festival
Summer festivals are a regular occurrence in Sarajevo, and one of the highlights is the Baarija Nights Festival. Throughout July, free music concerts, ballet performances and film screenings take place at venues across the city.

Miljacka River
Walk through east Sarajevo to the Miljacka River, affectionately known by locals as Sarajevo’s River. Observe the scenery along the river’s banks and cross over its many bridges.

Ali Pasha’s Mosque
Sarajevo has many beautiful mosques and Ali Pasha’s Mosque, built during the Ottoman regime in the 16th century, is a must-see. Partially-destroyed during the Yugoslav war, the listed monument is styled according to Islamic architectural principles from Istanbul and has been carefully restored.

Dos And Donts About Travelling To Dubai

The beauty of Dubai is beyond mention. Apart from the typical shopping and sightseeing, there are many other things you can do. How about tossing you out of a plane at 13,000ft for a spectacular aerial view of this place? Yes sky diving happens in this beautiful land of architectural marvels. The Balloon ride is another outdoor activity that one shouldnt miss. You can see the spectacular view of this gem of a place. For those who arent as adventurous to try skydiving, you can go on the shimmering sands of this place.

There are many people who make a plan of Dubai holidays and love to remain close to Dubai sands. If you also want to do the same then it is advisable to get help from the internet because it will make it easy for you to look for the best possible shining sands. There are many tour companies that give you a chance to enjoy a tour of these beautiful sand heavens on a yacht charter. There are a number of packages to choose from depending on your budget and requirements. Before you book any package, it is better to get an idea of popular beach in Dubai.

People love to visit the seashores in the Middle East because they know that they can grab the fun and relaxation side by side from here. The shorelines have gulf resorts for those who love to play gulf in a soothing atmosphere. The beauty of the shore is stunning because of its stark white sandy particles and fresh azure blue water. Some beaches even have nearby spa hotels where tourists like to stay. Jabed Ali is one such beach in Dubai that is most visited and loved by tourists.

Jumeirah is another shore that remains packed with tourist all the time. This white sandy beach is perfect holiday destination due to its breath-taking views and entertaining activities. You are free to hire a Dubai yacht charter and start exploring the beauty of this beach. You can not only do swimming but also snorkelling just to grab fun and for exploring the underwater attractions. You can find both luxury and affordable hotels all around this beach in Dubai and it is up to you to select a hotel that meets with your requirement.
This land of the royal is easily accessible from almost all parts of the world. All major countries and airplane companies have international flights that land at Dubai. Dubais main airport is the Dubai International Airport; however, if you do not get a direct flight to Dubai, you can enter Dubai by using the Sharjah International Airport (SHJ) or Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). The accessibility of this land makes travelling to Dubai a less problematic affair.

Airlines usually are in price wars, these efforts of companies to attract clients usually give customers full advantage. Make sure you have checked all the available options before booking your ticket, as you may miss out on a better deal. Thus, if you check the different flight options you can get the cheapest options for travelling to Dubai. So come to this land and enjoy its beauty.

Decreasing Stress By Hiring Limousines For Travelling Long Distances

Cars have become an important part of human life; nowadays it is just impossible to think anything without the role of cars involved with it. People need cars in each and every work that they do; travelling long distances, short trips, attending parties, meetings and lots more. But there are certain disadvantages too; when you travel for long period of time with friends or family, you get exhausted driving the car for such long periods. When you reach the desired location, you get too much tired and cannot enjoy with others. The best option to prevent such situations is to hire a car for taking you to the place you want to go. But, not just any car can give you proper comfort all through the way. So, for a break less, comfortable and easy journey you have to hire a luxurious car like a limousine.

Several car rental companies have grown up in United States and the Longmont limousine is one such company which provides luxurious limos for hiring. When you hire a limousine for travelling long distance, you do not have to take any kind of responsibility. Just make a reservation to any such limo rental company like the Longmont limousine and make preparations at your house. The chauffeur driven limo will arrive at your house at the right time and take you to your destined location. While travelling you can enjoy to the full limit with your friends, you do not have to take the trouble of driving. The comfort you get in the limousines provided by the Longmont limo company will not stress you out.

Apart from the leisure trips, when you have attend any important official meeting in any other city you can hire limos from the Longmont limo company. As you know, that traveling long distances in very stressful and leave you totally exhausted after you reach the destination. If you have to drive for long hours to attend a meeting, you cannot give your optimum performance in the meeting. But if you hire a limo, the chauffeur driven limousine will you pick you up at the right time and take you to your destination. While travelling you can take rest or even prepare for the meeting that you are going to attend. Moreover, travelling in a limousine provided by the Longmont limo car rental company will give you adequate comfort throughout your journey.

The punctuality of the chauffeurs of the Longmont limousine company is noticeable. They arrive at your house at the exact time that you have told them, calculate the total time that they will take to drop you at your destination and take you to the destination. If you are from Denver, you are really lucky to get the services of the Longmont limousine company all throughout the year. But, if you are not from the boulder county, you can search for other car rental companies who can provide you with excellent limousine services. The limousine services have become popular all over United States, most people hire limos for their trips.

Relevance of International cell phones for the globetrotters

Nowadays, people can easily travel to any part of the world with a reliable pocket sized international cell phone in their hands that helps them to make calls the minute they arrive on the international airport. People require different handset for using in a foreign country as the same handset that you have been using in your own country might not function in places that follow the different network frequencies. Therefore it is a known fact that you will not be able to use your phone in a foreign country if it follows different set of frequency signals for network coverage.

Now people can easily travel to any part of the world without bothering about their connectivity needs Owing to the cost-effectiveness and easily availability of international cell phone rental services provided by the leading international telecom companies like Rebelphone. These companies have substantially improved the international telephony services and made it really easy for the globe trotters. These companies provide appropriate solution that would not only resolve your connectivity needs, but also help you to save money.

Whether you are travelling to Japan, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada, India or any other country, you can easily find an appropriate solution for all your international telecommunication needs. Besides offering unlocked GSM mobile phones on rent, these companies also provide international cell phone plans that make it further simpler for the travelers. These plans include country specific international SIM cards that come with affordable tariff plans. The international cell phone plans for calling are available in both prepaid and postpaid options. The travelers can easily choose one according to their requirements. These global SIM cards offer several advantaged to the users and help them save loads of money spent over telephone calls.

Most of the international cell phone companies offer their services at very reasonable prices. The services offered by these companies are very reliable and you can easily rely on their latest gadgets with the assurance that it will work in the foreign destinations. It is one of the cheapest ways to fulfill your mobile phone requirements while touring foreign countries. The international cell phone rental services help the users to save a lot of money. Rather than buying a new phone for the specific period of travel, travelers can easily rent an international cellular phone to make calls during their visit. The international cellular phones provided on rent by most of the telecom companies are full of hi-tech features that enable them to perform several important functions over the instrument. They can easily make calls, receive calls, send SMS, receive SMS, send & receive MMS, retrieve voice mails and access other advanced facilities over the phone. Improved International cell phones and related services have definitely made it easier for the travelers to fulfill their entire global telecom requirements. Do not forget to obtain these services before leaving the country.

How To Care For Horses When Travelling

The requirements for horses when travelling are similar to those of a horse in a loose box / stable. He should be warm in the winter and kept from being too hot in the warmer months. Have a plentiful supply of fresh air without a draught, a non slip surface / footing and the least amount of noise / disturbance as can be maintained. Many horses adapt well to traveling and will travel well if given the space and are driven with care and consideration along with the suspension of the transporter being good. Many horses sweat when traveling so common sense will tell the handler what rug would be the most suitable for the journey that is to be undertaken. On long journeys regular checks should be done to ensure that the horse(s) stay comfortable and content throughout their journey. It is important to remember that the more horses travelling in the horsebox, the higher the temperature will be. Temperature can be regulated in trailers with the opening / closing of the back doors of the trailer (they should not be left open when on motorways, extreme cold or in heavy traffic). Food and water are not required on short journeys although the availability of hay can calm nervous horses. On long journeys water should be offered regularly and hay available.

Clothing for the horse should be chosen with consideration, temperature on the day of travelling, travelling alone or with company, type of horse, type of vehicle and length of journey will all affect the types of clothing chosen for the horse. Essential items for every horse when travelling include head collar and clip on lead rope, bandages and leg pads or travel boots, tail bandage or tail guard, sweat rugs / summer sheet / or other day rugs (dependant on the temperature). A sweat rug is the most effective on longer journeys for regulating the horses temperature should he sweat. All rugs should be secured with a roller if they do not have cross over surcingle straps.

The most important thing to remember is common sense, safety and the welfare of the horse.

Things To Do During A Long Layover In Lax Airport

When travelling to LAX Airport, there are instances that you will encounter a long layover. In the event that you are stuck in LAX for more than five hours during a layover, think of it as an opportunity to visit some of the interesting places around Los Angeles.

But before going anywhere, here are first five things you should do:

1. Be prepared for a possibility of a layover.
Make sure to include your favorite paperback book or a hand-held game console in your hand luggage when packing. So if you get stuck at the airport for a couple of hours, you are prepared to kill time without needing to go anywhere.

2. Secure your luggage.
If you’re planning to check out places around LAX, make sure to secure your luggage. You can try to have them checked and transferred to the flight like you normally would. But if this option is not available, you can deposit your bags at the LAX Luggage Storage.

3. Make a list.
Planning the next five or six hours of your mini trip is very important. Make a quick list of activities and how long each would take. This will help you stay on schedule. If you need ideas on what are fun things to do during a layover or in between flights, you can ask someone from the Travelers Aid Booth. These booths are located on the lower level of each terminal near the baggage reclaim.

4. Keep traffic in mind.
Make sure to check the traffic and road condition before even considering of going out. Traffic in Los Angeles is terrible most especially during weekdays. You can check Google Maps for directions and SigAlert for traffic updates. Google Maps will tell you the approximate travel time with or without traffic. Sigalert can give you a practically real time traffic condition. Make sure you are back at the airport at least an hour and a half before your actual flight

5. Choose the right transportation.
Considering the traffic, it is best to consider what transportation you need to use. You have several options to get around. You can use the free shuttle bus which serves all the terminals around the central loop. If you’re planning of doing a little shopping and dining in downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, or nearby beaches, you can also take the public transportation or a cab. But if you want the convenience and the safety, you can also make a quick reservation and hire a town car service to drive you around.

Whatever you decide on doing if you get stuck on a long layover, take a moment to think your best options. Layover is definitely a huge inconvenience. But instead of whining about it, think of it as an opportunity to see and experience new things. Who knows you might find something really special.

Travelling to Caloundra in Queensland, Australia

Located just 96 kms of Brisbane you will find a wonderful town called Caloundra. Known as the -Winter Playground-, Caloundra is located on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. This means that this is the place to hit, during the winters in the southern hemisphere. So, when winter strikes your part of the world, this is the place you should consider coming to, because it will welcome you with the warm sunshine and cool waters. Worth the drive, you will find Caloundra easy to get to if you pick up a car rental in Brisbane at the airport after your plane lands.

Caloundra is known for the beaches and in particular, their stellar surfing. If you are a little apprehensive about the more popular beaches of the Gold Coast, then Caloundra is perfect for you. Not only is it a great place to people watch, it is also a fantastic beach to join in with all of the many fishing areas as well as water-skiing, kayaking and boating beaches.

Golden Beach, Bulcock Beach and Kings Beach make up the most popular in the area. Here you will find plenty of picnic spots, sail boarding areas and so much more. Bulcock beach in particular is especially family friendly with a wonderful esplanade that will allow you to watch the waves and enjoy the great dining, shopping and more. If entertainment is more your style, you must visit the Corbould Race Course which is just a few minutes from Caloundra. As one of the best race courses in the area, you are sure to have a great time. No matter, whether you win or lose your bet, you are sure to emerge victorious in your quest for a good time.

Take the time to head over to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with your Brisbane car rental, or take a quick jaunt over to the Glass House Mountains for some of the best forestry and natural beauty that you will find on the Sunshine Coast. These natural areas have been maintained with much care and are sure to offer visitors, with hours of wonder and awe! Escape with your loved one, for moments that are not only private, but will also help you build treasured memories. The hinterlands are also a fantastic place to visit with children, because they can get a real life experience of the natural flora and fauna of Australia.

With such scenic drives and amazing walking tracks, you can easily see why Caloundra is one of the most popular holiday spots on the Sunshine Coast.

Travelling To Marrakech

Marrakesh Morocco Hotels and Golfs – Experience Hotels and Golf in Morocco

Marrakech provides one thing very diverse for the a lot more adventurous traveller and overseas property buyer. 1 of the most beautiful, modern, unique and advanced spots in northern Africa, it is quite nicely proven as a leading destination and competes alongside Rome, Paris, Prague, Barcelona and Lisbon amid other people in the rewarding city crack tourism industry.

Golf Marrakech has some of the most special and exciting courses in North Africa. It is the best location for a golf holiday getaway or for individuals who desire to get out of the city and engage in a spherical of golfing in gorgeous surroundings whilst holidaying in Marrakech. The weather is perfect, with tiny likelihood of being interrupted by moist situations your round will be difficult however satisfying. There are three courses inside of simple travelling distance of the luxurious Domaine Akhdar which has fifteen villas in Marrakech available for rent.

Marrakech Royal Golf Club is the oldest club in Morocco, possessing been constructed in the twenties. It is an English fashion program, located in a picturesque organic setting at the foot of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. This placing, and historical past, can make the Marrakech Royal Golfing Club a great system to encounter. At 12km from Marrakech, it is a brief distance from the villa’s and riad’s in the city, supplying you effortless accessibility to this specific golfing system.

Located following to the Marrakech Royal Golf Club is the Amelkis Golfing Club. Opened in 1995, this is the most recent program in Marrakech and absolutely really worth playing a round. The system is lined with palm trees whilst Moroccan villa’s can be located throughout the program. There is also a standard kabash type clubhouse overlooking the course. This authenticity lends to the surroundings of the Atlas Mountains and is really an unmissable knowledge for golfing enthusiasts.

When your golfing get together are travelling from your riads in Marrakech you will locate the Palmeraie Golfing Club is positioned in an oasis 10km north of Marrakech. Working via a valley, following to the desert and created by the planet popular golfing course designer Robert Trent Jones, this is an additional course in a lovely spot. A getaway in Marrakech is best for people who get pleasure from golfing. The fantastic classes, located in the most picturesque surroundings provide a great placing for a golf vacation. Accommodation in a villa at the Jardins de Touhina ensures you are within simple travelling length of the metropolis and the 3 best programs.

Mia Your New Personal Pleasure For Travelling!

There was used to be dildos and big size vibrators. These devices may not be comfortable to use by some females and their partner. People need a more practical device where they can use it discreetly and bring it without nobody ever knowing what it is for. Especially for women who travel alone, they might get exhausted, jet lag and stress. With a practical vibrator, they can get a total pleasure during flight or in the hotel room. So, what device that can match the requirements?

A lipstick shaped female vibrator with sensual deep rose color. Another great product from Lelo company in sextoy market. Let’s get to know Mia!

-The design You will be amazed by the size of this device. It can fit inside your lipstick case! The sleek design on the outer part will disguise how the product can actually create powerful tickling all over your vaginal area. It is a rechargeable toy with USB plug. And if you are hesitant to bring an adult toy while you are travelling, don’t worry ladies! Nobody will think that Mia is your wonderful vibrating friend. Put it inside your cosmetic box and your peers will think of it as a new mascara! It is a compact vibrator for women because it is rechargeable, adjustable, and portable!

The device is equipped with a cap that you can remove if you need to use it. Once you are done, you can recharge it up to 2 hours just like your cell phone.

Mia uses silicone for the surface. Silicone is the safest material for adult toys- so this toy is recommended for health purpose.

Mia comes in 3 wonderful colors: Deep rose, petal pink and black. Inside the packaging, you will also get USB cord, satin pouch, and 1 year warranty.

-The function – With a nearly quiet motor, Mia turns out to be very seductive. The adjustable speed allows you to get the perfect vibration. If you are fond of frantic buzz, this adult novelty can give it to you. You can control the frequency as well as the motion according to your preference. The 6 modes of sensational vibration will create endless orgasm.

This toy is a breakthrough in adult products. With the tiny size yet powerful vibration; Mia can be used continuously anywhere anytime. Before using the product, make sure you read all the instruction on how to use and how to recharge the device. When you buy Mia from online sex toys Australia, usually you will get great deal with discount. You may also check the delivery charge and see if they can ship to your area for free.

Buy quality adult sex toys including female vibrator at Adult Smart! Here, you can buy vibrators for women online as per our sexual needs & requirements that too at affordable prices.