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Best ways to perform currency exchange rate when travelling

Currency exchange rate, exchange rate calculator and how people can benefit from it.”>Foreign currency exchange market is worldwide market that runs round the clock and is indeed unpredictable. With globalization currency exchange rate or money transfer transactions have become a necessity for people globally. Regardless to whether it’s an individual, a multinational company, bank, government, or an import-export house, everyone dealing in a foreign country is concerned about foreign currency exchange rate. If you are travelling abroad or do frequent business trips in varied foreign countries, you have be very cautious about the currency exchange rate and the ways you can easily do the conversion without paying high. Below are listed the best ways to perform currency exchange when travelling abroad:

Use your ATM card or Credit card: While travelling you can avail the service from your bank institute to allow you to use your credit card or debit card for making international transactions. There are services available where you can use you debit card in ATMs abroad to get currency exchange right from ATM machine.

Currency Exchange at Banks: Banks are another destination where you can get your currency exchange against the foreign currency. It’s the safest option and they offer wide range of currencies like US dollar, Sterling, Yen, Canadian dollar, Indian Rupees, etc. Banks do charge fees depending on the transaction amount. Generally the bank charges high currency exchange rate and there can be a limitation of its working hours.

Airports: The next best option is Airports; they have a separate desk for travelers where currency exchange rate services are provided. It’s the most convenient option to get the currency exchange at airport as you will not end up searching for other destinations. The only constrain you may face is the currency exchange rate is charged as high as 20% by the airport authorities.

Forex companies: The most preferred option is to get an account with a foreign currency exchange (Forex) company. These companies are all together a separate sector in financial market that deal only and only into foreign currency exchange transactions. If you need infrequent currency exchange service or even if you need it often, Forex companies can give you the best and the lowest rates. To create an account online is easy and free. You will get advice on ongoing rates and when to perform the exchange while planning a travel. You can also lock a currency rate and then when you go for travel you can get the currency exchange transaction at the pre-booked currency rate.

These are some fantastic and fast services available to perform foreign currency exchange when travelling. To keep yourself updated on the changes of the foreign currency rates you can always rely on the exchange rate calculator.

The exchange rate calculator is an online tool that is available on almost all forex websites. You just need to select the currencies and on one click you get the current currency exchange rate. This tool is available for free and its extremely simple to use it. For travelers, your life is easier as now the access have become more convenient by the mobile based applications that provide exchange rate calculator on mobile. So if you are not planning to pack your laptop for a trip, you can still have access to the currency exchange market right from your handset.

Scenar Device 5 Tips On Travelling With Your Scenar (skenar) Device

You might be aware of scenar which has become quite popular these days. This is actually the acronym for self controlled energo neuro adaptive regulation. This is a device which was invented by the Russian scientists to be used in the space by the cosmonauts.

With the help of this device the people who went to space can treat their pain without the help of drugs. These devices stimulate the nervous system in such a way so that it can help the body to heal itself. There have been different kinds of researches regarding this device.

It has been proved that scenar works in almost 80 percent of the cases that are being treated with this device. If you are interested in this therapy then you can surely get a device for yourself. After you get the device you need to learn how to use it correctly.

Skenar device is a small device which comes in the size of a TV remote control. This is the reason why it is easy to carry it from one place to the other. You can even carry the device when you go out for a holiday.

You can easily travel with your device and use it whenever you are tired and feel any kind of pain. There are certain tips which will help you to use this therapy in the right way while you are travelling.

The first thing you need to do is always keep the device within an easy reach. If you are carrying a personal bag then try to place it in the bag so that get your hands on it easily. You might not know what is going to happen in your way.

So it is always better to be safe. Secondly you need to make sure that you keep the device with you while you are flying to your destination. You might be having a carry-on along with you in the flight. Keep the scenar inside the carry-on as a personal massager.

Thirdly try to use the scenar on those areas of the body which gets frequently tired. Sometimes a body part might even get stiff and might start hurting suddenly. As you use the device on that area it will stimulate your nervous system heal the body.

This is one of the best ways of self healing. When you are out you might not have anybody else to help you get out of the pain. At this point of time this kind of a device can be your best friend.

If you are flying then you need to make sure that the massager is in the silent mode. If it is not in the silent mode then it might disturb people or attract too much attention.

Finally you also need to make sure that you carry new batteries along with you. You never know when you will need the new batteries. You will just need only three batteries of 1.5 volts each for your super healing device.

Greek travel travelling in Athens Greece free travel tips, electric outlets in rooms and apartments

What should one consider while travelling in Athens, Greece? Among them you should pay special attention to the electric current, especially if coming from the States or Canada. The standard in Greece is 220-230V AC (50Hz). Appliances from North America require a transformer and British ones an adaptor. Remember: Adaptor plugs do not convert electricity. We recommend that you pack an adapter or transformer depending on your needs together with your electrical appliances, so that you do not have to spend valuable time looking for adaptors and transformers during your stay in Athens Greece. Please note: from my experience laptops do not require a transformer. Well at least my laptop works well in Canada and Greece. Many electrical appliances have a transformer that allows them to adjust to different voltage, and some must be switched manually from 120V to 220V electricity. The power is the same all over Greece in the main land as well as in the Greek islands. Power fluctuations however may cause some problems especially in the islands and this might happen during the peak of tourist season. One more thing, remember water and 220V electricity don’t mix. So if you are in an apartment or room in Athens or Greece, while on vacation after you have a shower don’t go with wet hands to dry you hair with the hair dryer or take a shave with your new electric shaver. Remember if you rent rooms or apartments in Athens Greece don’t plug just anything in the power outlets. A mistake can ruin you vacation.

Duty Free Allowance – What To Consider When Travelling To New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the worlds most popular destinations for leisure and business travellers alike. Amongst the many awards and recommendations that New Zealand has obtained, New Zealand has just been selected by Lonely Planet authors, staff and travellers as one of the Top 10 Countries to visit in 2010.

Purchasing dutyfree is a great value method of purchasing a large variety of luxury items, with many travellers taking advantage of the opportunity when overseas. New and innovative developments in the ways to purchase dutyfree are constantly evolving to better provide for consumer needs and trends. Some examples of this development include new and convenient methods of purchasing, including online stores and expedient airport delivery services. Stocking limited lines of exclusive products, along with offering loyalty programs, the dutyfree store is hard to beat on price and product selection.

However, whether you are an inbound or outbound tourist or returning home from an overseas adventure, you must be aware of the duty free allowances that are in place for each of the countries you are visiting. Another important consideration is the countries custom laws and banned items. Many countries, including New Zealand have strict and enforceable customs and duty free allowances, with penalties ranging from confiscation of banned or excessive goods to fines. Ensure your holiday and dutyfree experiences remain positive by taking a little time and investigating the dutyfree allowances applicable in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a generous duty free allowance, but if you are caught bringing in any animal or plant material, instant fines will be the result. New Zealand prides itself on its natural beauty and this depends vitally on the ability of New Zealand customs keeping out foreign bodies that may damage the historic flora and fauna of the nation.

Each country has different duty free allowances and they are often in flux. A recent example of this is in 2008 when the European Commission decided to increase the duty free allowance from outside the European Union without paying UK duty, to over double the monetary value previous to the law change. Therefore, it is vital to check a reputable dutyfree store, or visit their website, to get up to date information on levels of dutyfree allowance. At the time of writing, the New Zealand duty free allowance for an individual is NZ$700, excluding any items used for personal use, such as clothing and toiletries.

Truck Tents and Tailgate Canopies make Great Vehicle Accessories

Truck tents and tailgate canopies are gaining popularity in the world of sports and outdoor enthusiasts. These accessories are perfect for SUVs as well as pickup trucks, and some models even fit cars. The great thing about truck tents and tailgate canopies is that they can be utilized in a variety of situations, from camping to tailgating and beyond.

Using a truck tent for camping saves campers from having to prepare a tent site. With a normal tent, campers have to find or prepare a dry, level surface large enough to set up camp. This can take up a lot of time and energy and also require extra tarps to keep moisture and insects out of the tent. With truck tents, campers can easily avoid these things, making camping quick and easy. Even better, sleeping in your pickup bed will better protect you from cold temperatures and windy conditions. Truck tents are also great space-savers. Whether you are in a campground or on a hunting trip in the middle of nowhere, these unique accessories allow you to consolidate your campsite significantly.

Tailgate canopies also make great portable vehicle shelters. Unlike truck tents, tailgate canopies aren’t usually fully enclosed. Instead, these accessories provide overhead protection and are perfect to use at tailgate parties, picnics, barbecues, or for a day trip to the beach. Most tailgate canopies are lightweight, portable and very easy to set up and take down, making them virtually hassle free.

As I have said before, these vehicle accessories are gaining popularity and more companies are coming up with their own product lines to answer consumer demand. This means there is a wide variety of products to choose from, ranging in size, price, quality, materials and more. When shopping for a tailgate canopy or a truck tent you should take durability, versatility, and size into consideration.

If you plan on using your canopy or tent often, it is important to buy a model that is durable. Look for models made with rip-stop fabrics and aluminum poles. Products that offer waterproof, UV inhibiting, and fire retardant materials will also offer the best protection against heat, sun, and rain. Higher-quality models will also come with a warranty or a guarantee from the manufacturer.

It’s also important to look for models that are versatile, just in case you don’t always use the same vehicle for different events. This is an important variable, especially with tailgate canopies as they tend to be made for the type of tailgate your vehicle has – including lift gate, cargo or barn door, and drop gate styles. For truck tents, options might include long bed and short bed or even drop gate models. They might also vary by vehicle make, so look for a Ford truck tent or a Chevy truck tent if you want a tent made specifically for your truck brand. If you can’t find a model that fits various tailgate styles, then finding one that fits your vehicle is the next best option.

Size is a big factor in choosing tents and canopies for your vehicle. Take into consideration not only the set-up or in-use size, but also the space it takes up when stored. When shopping, keep in mind the number of people who will be using the product, as you won’t need to buy a large model for just two people and you won’t want a small model if your group is large.

Truck tents and tailgate canopies are the must-have new accessories for any outdoor enthusiast. No matter what the recreational activity, having these vehicle accessories will provide you convenience and protection. Take the time to shop around for the right truck tent or tailgate canopy for your needs. There are many stores online that offer a wide range of these products, making side-by-side comparisons much easier.

Famous Ocean Explorers

Today the thought of yachts conjures up images of sunbathing, Caribbean holidays and luxury. But not so long ago, these vessels were the simple structures that intrepid explorers called home for many years at a time and transported people to places that they could never have dreamed existed. Yachts like the Santa Maria helped sailors find the North American continent while the Victoria was the first vessel to sail around the globe.

Hundreds of years ago people were not only driven by the desire to explore the earth, but also to claim the best access to the riches of spices in the East. Many journeys ensued, with some resulting in the most spectacular and accidental discoveries. Even though every corner of the earth has now been discovered, mans desire to explore the oceans has never ceased. To this day brave men and women face the swells to cement themselves in history by conquering the worlds oceans.

The Forerunners of Ocean Exploration

Bartholomew Dias and Vasco Da Gama
The Portuguese have often been credited as some of historys bravest explorers and the establishment of the Spice Route to India is to this countrys credit. What drove much exploration of the seas in the early years was a desire to gain the best access to the rich resource of spices in the East. In his quest to find such a route, Bartholomew Dias became the first European to navigate around the southern-most tip of Africa. It was Dias who first named the Cape the Cape of Storms and while the explorers did not make it all the way to the East on their 1488 journey, they have never been forgotten for their feat of being the first Europeans to sail around the tip of the African continent.

Vasco Da Gama was more successful in his quest to create the best Spice Route for the Portuguese and, in 1498, reached Calicut in India. The tales of his cruel treatment of the people living in the places along the route are chilling, but his victory was claiming the best Spice Route possible in the name of the Portuguese. This sea route was far less treacherous than heading overland through Asia and gave Portugal the ultimate advantage in trade in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Christopher Columbus
By 1493, Italian Christopher Columbus was convinced that a quicker route could be found to the East by travelling west. What resulted was a discovery that changed the face of world geography forever. When he could not convince his own countrymen of his theory, Columbus moved to Spain and managed to convince the authorities to fund his expedition. He set sail in August 1492 and was in sight of the Bahamas within only ten weeks, which he mistakenly believed to be Japan. Further west when the voyagers reached Cuba, they were convinced they had found China and moved inland to India. The dark-skinned people they encountered were soon labelled Indians and Columbus returned to Europe victorious in his achievement of finding the quickest route to the riches of the East. Columbus returned to his East three times during the remainder of his life exploring Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Trinidad. He died believing he had found the shortest route to the East, never knowing that he had in fact discovered something much, much more important.

Ferdinand Magellan
Ferdinand Magellan was not discouraged by the subsequent discovery of Columbus actual failure to find a westerly route to the East and set of in 1519 to prove that it could be done. Although from Portugal, Magellan undertook this journey with Spanish backing and set sail in 1519. The five ships in the party housed 260 men who had no idea where they were going as Magellan believed they would be too frightened too continue. A massive storm along the coast of South America forced the ships to seek cover and thus Magellan discovered an inlet completely by accident. The Magellan Strait, as it is now known, offers a route through the South American continent to the Pacific Ocean on the other side.

With one ship deserting the voyage, Magellan and his four other ships suffered extreme hardships on the Pacific and only 18 of the 260 men made it back to Spain three years later. The journey went through the Philippines where Magellan himself was killed in battle and on to the East where the ships were loaded with spices. The Victoria continued west and made it back to Spain, while all of the other ships were lost at sea. The westerly spice route discovered by Magellan and his crew was not used for many years, thanks to the treacherous outcome it had for the many men on board. Instead of discovering a new Spice Route, Magellan is actually credited with captaining the first circumnavigation of our globe, a more impressive feat by miles.

Modern Ocean Explorers
Ocean exploration has never stopped since the great explorers of the 15th and 16th centuries, but has simply evolved to become more in depth, competitive and adventurous. By the beginning of the 20th century, most of the earths waters had been explored and ocean travels became more about setting records than discovering new places. The year was 1895 when American Joshua Slocum set out to become the first man to sail solo around the world. He sustained himself during the three year trip by stocking up on supplies from islands along the way and his safe return home in 1898 cemented his place in the history books.

The next person to better this record was Sir Francis Chichester in 1967 who managed an around the world feat that only required one stop in a year long trip aboard Gypsy Moth. It was a fellow Briton, Robin Knox-Johnston who, twelve years later, managed to finally circumnavigate the world without stopping in a lightning fast 312 days. In 1988, Kat Cottee became the first woman to sail solo and non-stop around the world in an improved time of only 189 days. To date, the fastest solo trip every recorded to circumnavigate the globe occurred as recently as 2008. Francis Joyon, a 51 year old Frenchman, climbed aboard his 98ft fire-engine red trimaran Idec and reappeared around the world just 57 days later. This took a massive 14 days off the previous record which was held by the fastest female sailor in the history of yachting, Dame Ellen McArthur.

Tips for Travelling Abroad – Travel Checklists for Travellers

Although most trips abroad are trouble free, being prepared will go a long way to avoiding the possibility of serious trouble. If you are travelling abroad here are some of things you need to do to make your trip easier:

1. Check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Travel Advice (call 0845 850 2829) for Public Announcements or Travel Warnings for the countries you plan to visit. Public Announcements provide fast-breaking information about relatively short-term conditions that may pose risks to the security of travellers.

2. Get a good guidebook and get to know your destination. Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs of the countries to which you are travelling. While in a foreign country, you are subject to that country’s laws. Learn about the countries that you plan to visit. Before departing, take the time to do some research about the people and their culture, and any problems that the country is experiencing that may affect your travel plans.

3. Get travel insurance and check that the cover is appropriate and check what vaccinations you need 2 months before you travel. Also, consider whether you need to take extra health precautions. Make sure your insurance covers your emergency medical needs (including medical evacuation) while you are overseas.

4. Take enough money for your trip and some back-up funds such as travellers cheques, sterling or US dollars.

5. To avoid being a target of crime, try not to wear conspicuous clothing and expensive jewellery and do not carry excessive amounts of money or unnecessary credit cards.

6. While abroad, avoid using illicit drugs or drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages, and associating with people who do.

7. In order to avoid violating local laws, deal only with authorized agents when you exchange money or purchase art or antiques.

8. If your travel involves passage on airlines with which you are unfamiliar, you may wish to check their safety and reliability with a reputable travel agent.

9. Do not leave your luggage unattended in public areas and do not accept packages from strangers.

10. Ensure you have a valid passport that is in good condition and the necessary visas, if required.

11. Make several copies of your passport, insurance policy plus 24-hour emergency number, and ticket details. Leave these copies, your itinerary and contact details with family and friends. Carry the other copies with you in a separate place from your passport. This will facilitate replacement if your passport is lost or stolen.

12. Ensure that your travel organiser or travel agent can provide sufficient evidence of security for the refunding and repatriation of consumers in the event of insolvency. This security must be in place by one of several Financial Protection Organisations.

13. Leave a copy of your itinerary with family or friends at home so that you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Travelling To New Places With Dear Ones Will Strengthen Bonds So Well

Even though there are various reasons for the persons to travel abroad to the different locations, getting married is one key factor that would set off couples in their exploratory self. The concept of sending the newly married couples to their honeymoon is to ensure that they are able to get to know each other and understand one anothers space and the needs to a great extent, without having the distractions of disturbances, which would be there if they are present in their normal lifestyle.

Therefore, it is necessary for those who are getting married to check out the different Seychelles Honeymoon Packages at different times of the year, so as to ensure that they would go to this African island nation and enjoy the beaches filled with the white sands, deep and blue waters and the various activities that are in store exclusively for the touring couples.

Those who are interested in fishing, sailing or even diving, which could be as simple as snorkeling or diving deep in the form of scuba diving to ensure that they get as close as possible with the coral reefs can pick up the opportunity and ensure to acquire skills and take a dip. Moreover, with the ocean surrounding the island, it is easy for them to take on the waves for a simple swim at any time of the day and year, so that they can be healthy, spend time together in doing something that both of them like to do as a team. Therefore, the lovers who have just gotten married would have to consider the various Honeymoon tours packages and pick up the best one to ensure that they are able to nurture their relationship and strengthen their bonds to a great extent, so as to ensure that their marriages would last for a lifetime easily.

By taking time out of their normal lives and even getting on board of the cruise, it is easy for the honeymooning couples to ensure that they experience a different lifestyle as compared to what they would have in their monotonous lives, which will ensure to rejuvenate their senses to a great extent. The cute scenes in front of their eyes and the sounds of the beaches tend to relax the visual and auditory senses to a great extent and those who want to relax physically can also get their bodies massaged in the spas that tend to offer various services.

Important Things To Know Prior To Travelling Dubai

Travelling to Dubai is an amazing experience from every point of view. Luxury beyond luxury, amazing sights, tax-free shopping and a climate to die for making it a great choice for all. However, the best thing about the city is, unlike in many Arab cities, there is no racial tension here. The city is very open to tourists whatever skin color they may have.

Dubai Tourist Visa

Like every other country, you need to have a visit visa for visiting this city. There are actually several visit visa types including short term visit visas, long term visit visas, tourist visas, multiple entry visas and transit visas. However, you need either short or long term Dubai visit visa. While short term visa will permit you to stay in UAE for 30 days, the long term visa will allow 90 days of stay. Yet, extensions permissible according to the UAE visa rules. For a tourist visa, short/long term, you require the followings:

* Application form from the UAE consulate
* Photocopy of passport for sponsor and tourist/ family member
* Birth certificates, attested by the UAE Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
* Travel insurance
* Photo
* Things to Do in Dubai

There is no shortage of things to do in Dubai. You can enjoy a great and fun time while visiting the city. Here is a list of things to do in Dubai:

* Snow Ski Dubai
* Dubai Creek and Abra Cruise
* Dubai Museum
* Dubai Tower
* Jumeirah Mosque
* Desert Safari
* Palm Islands
* Hot Air Ballooning
* Wild Wadi
* Diving and snorkeling
* Dubai Zoo
* Golf
* Beautiful beaches
* Dubailand
* Nightlife in Dubai

Though an Arab city, night life of Dubai is not less fascinating than other part of the world. Dubai night life offers a lot of variety and ways to have fun. Night in the sunny city is totally different from the daytime. It acquires a new personality, a renewed life each night. You are always welcome to have fun during the night.

The Bridges Bar, the Kasbaa Nightclub, Hard Rock Cafe, the Irish village, the Boudoir is some famous places to go in the night. Famous people and models visiting Dubai always visit these famous spots in the city.

Dubai has many nightclub options and well in this city everyone by law must be able to access any club, despite them being publicized as “members only”. These clubs charge a lot of money for the entrance.

However, there are some restrictions. In Dubai, there are strict alcohol laws. The city does not allow serving alcoholic beverages in the city restaurants. One can only be able to enjoy drinking in the hotel’s bar. The drinking age is minimum 21. All clubs have to close by 3 a.m. The minimum age to enter a Dubai nightclub is 25.

Shopping in Dubai

Without shopping, a Dubai vacation is completely incomplete. You will be amazed by enormous malls constructed in this beautiful city. Besides a lot of stores, the malls offer fun extra-activities to do while shopping.

Deira City Centre, Wafi City and The Walls of Emirates are the biggest names. You can find franchises of the major brands across the World along with local shops and brands inside the malls. Electronic goods, Arabian souvenirs, carpets and Bedouin jewelry are the top things to shop in Dubai. Malls are open every day of the week for 10am to at 10pm mostly. Some day they might close at midnight.

lets go India tours

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Every experience in India is capable of creating the right setting. The hills have the right amount of peace and beauty, and give you the opportunity to get close to another with the chill in the air. They have lots of scenic beauty which can be experienced at leisure. This is among the best tours for couples and the elderly. The clean environs help you feel an instant sense of well being.

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