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Travel Insurance Tips For Dummies

Travelling abroad neednt fill you with worry, but its important to be covered just in case the worst does come along. Flight cancellation and loss of baggage or passport are some of the more trivial things that could happen while your away, but you could also find yourself in a very sticky financial situation should you or one of your group become ill or suffer an accident. Outside the EU, medical expenses wont be covered, while even inside the EU you may need to pay for transport home or private treatment. Taking out the correct travel insurance policy can cover you against all of these misdemeanours, and give you peace of mind while youre away. If youre looking for the best travel insurance deal for this summer, then take a read of this article for some tips for finding the best policy.

Check What You Already Have
If youre a premium customer with a bank or credit card company, then chances are that youll already have travel insurance included. This is particularly likely if youre paying a monthly fee for your banking. Make sure you check this out with your bank and read the small print of the deal it might not be valid outside of the EU or if you have special circumstances, but a phone call should clear this up. If you dont have a policy already, then it really pays to shop around. Its easier to do now thanks to the web all you really need to do is key travel insurance into a search engine, flick a few of the results and enter your requirements. Price comparison websites are particularly useful, so if you filter through a couple of these then youll be on the right track.

Special Clauses
Anyone with special conditions can get quoted ludicrously high amounts from most traditional insurers. People with histories of serious illness or disability, and those who are pregnant or over sixty-five can all find themselves struggling to justify the cover price. Make sure you have an EHIC card (when travelling within Europe) and check out specialist insurers that may be able to give you a better deal. If you find the cover to still be unaffordable, then the price may drop if you ask the insurer to exclude pre-existing conditions; though its then your call on the risks of going abroad with limited cover. Also, the EHIC card wont cover you for everything. In fact, it will only give you as much medical cover as a local citizen in your destination country it wont cover you for luggage loss or plane ticket cancellation.

Dont Over Cover
When searching for a policy, its important to understand what kind of cover you need. If you just take the first policy you find, youre likely to either be substantially over insuring yourself, or perhaps even under insuring. Be particularly wary of premium insurance deals offering extremely high amounts of cover when you dont really need it. For instance, do you really need 50 million worth of medical insurance cover? The answer is almost certainly not. In fact, its probably best to go for something more towards the 2 million mark for maximum medical expenses cover, while you should go towards 1 million for personal liability. Flight cancellation is also worth considering too no one wants to be in the nightmare scenario of not being able to go on holiday for whatever reason, but then having to stump up for it anyway.

Things to Know About Bali Belly

Bali Belly is a fecal-oral disease that has abdominal cramps and diarrhoea. It is an acute gastroenteritis cause by parasites or bacteria. Bali belly usually occurs during holidays, travelling etc. Bali belly happens because of improper hygiene and environmental sanitation. It is also painful in the anus for about 24 hours or longer if not treated. People who are prone to bali belly are those who are in remote areas that there are no source of potable water and good environment. Ill person, bed ridden, the very young and the very old people are also at high risk of bali belly. Bali belly can also leads to dehydration so you will need ORS or Oral Rehydration Solution. If ORS is not available, you can make a alternative ORS at home by simply add 8 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 liter of clean water. Home-made ORS has a 24 hour lifespan or contingency. If bali belly occurs, doctors recommend to drink isotonic sports drink.

Travelan is an over the counter medicine which can prevent bali belly. It is clinically proven and all natural product so you can be sure that it is safe. Bali belly can be prevented by not drinking tap water and have a good hygiene. Avoid too much alcohol and caffeinated beverages because it can also trigger bali belly. Do not drink milk or eat dairy products while having diarrhoea because during this period you have temporary lactose intolerance. Avoid greasy foods, spicy and very hot or cold foods and drinks. Excessive smoking is also a source of bali belly. If there has bali belly, use bottled water always even brushing the teeth. Always clean the surroundings especially at homes to avoid bali belly. This disease is contagious from the time of infection up to two weeks. Hand washing is one of the most important of proper hygiene. Do it frequently to prevent transfer of bacteria or viruses.

There are lots of remedies for bali belly. Here are some of the remedies.
Fruits like bananas and apple
Isotonic sports drink
Semolina custards
Herbal teas
Ginger or peppermint

These remedies are effective for bali belly. Some people recommend loperamide that usually works for an hour. Go to a physician so you can have medicine to take and get safely for about 24 hours and avoid getting close to other people because you might transfer the bacteria to them.

Padded Shorts Helpful to prevent the uneasiness caused while cycling long distances

Cycling is probably the only medium of travelling that was popular at the time of our forefathers and is equally popular today as well. Till today, it is the hottest sport in almost every corner on the world. With growing emphasis on using eco-friendly means of communication as well as with growing awareness regarding physical fitness among people, the usage of cycle is at an all time high.

If you are one of those people who spend a considerable amount of time cycling to your work or to perform daily chores, you must be familiar with the uncomfortable feeling that cycling to long distances can cause. You would have surely felt the irritation when your cycle passes through bumpy roadways. Not only while cycling on rough patches, but when you are traveling extended length even in a smooth road, you can felt irritation from the seat of your bicycle itself.

To get relief from all these unpleasant experiences, using a pair of padded shorts is a good idea. Padded shorts are meant to act as a foamed layer between your lower body and the seat of the cycle to reduce the stage of discomfort.

Nowadays, with increase in the popularity of adventure sports and mountain biking, the demands for padded shorts have increased significantly. As a result of this various protective gear manufacturers have also ventured into production of improved design of padded shorts. These padded shorts are extremely lightweight and thin and are easily wearable underneath your regular trousers.

All the protection line companies have their own online stores as well as there are many online resellers that sell padded shorts. Once you have ordered and received your padded shorts you need to take care of certain points to get full benefits out of it. First of all ensure that all the areas of your padded shorts are in position.

If the gel and the padding are given as separate attachments, carefully follow the instructions to fix them in a right manner.

Apply sufficient amount of medicated or prickly-heat powder to allow easy sliding of shorts as well to manage sweat and moisture caused due to the thick padding of the shorts. Also ensure that the shorts have a tight fit with your body and does not move from its position.

Wearing padded shorts not only prevent the uneasiness caused while cycling for long distances, but they are also helpful in safeguarding your butt, waistline and thighs in case you met with an accident.

The Joys Of Travelling By Private Jet

One of the best feelings you are going to ever have in your life can only be experienced if you travel by private jet. Some individuals are so very well-off that they are actually able to do this on a daily basis. On the other hand an average Joe that can’t afford to travel around this way all the time may want to know how a private jet charter rental operates. You could lease a Learjet for almost any circumstance; however, an extravagant trip is the most typical seeing that owning your very own jet will allow you to pay a visit to the places you desire when you wish without worrying about the often-haphazard limitations of commercial flight companies.

When it comes to deciding on the perfect luxury private jet company it can be a little tough, especially when this is your first and only time you’ll be doing so. Your odds are slim when you’re attempting to discover a company that is local, but if you are able to locate one it can easily help you save a hefty amount of cash once you decide to spend money on a private jet rental. Count on the recommendations other folks have provided. Get yourself a recommendation out of your buddies or co-workers if they are no stranger to private jet travel. Don’t fret about it if you don’t have any kind of personal contacts, since you can still utilize the internet to locate some companies that are of top quality. Beware though since companies are able to spend money on good and also bad ratings, this really is a quite typical method within high-income businesses, which includes private jet rentals.

Even though a large number of airports can put you in contact with a jet rental agency which is affiliated with their airport, this commonly is not the very best company to settle for. Before making any kind of commitments it’s a wise idea to do your very own research. Any company you wish to go with they’ll possess a rep that’ll talk you through all the information of every jet and packages they have available. You need to know how many people will be traveling with you and how long you’ll be airborne when you are trying to select the right jet for your journey, since private jet’s have distance limitations. Most private jet rental organizations will allow you to bring your pet on the plane, but you must still let them know early in advance so that they can have some amenities for your pet prepared for you.

At this moment, you ought to know exactly what company you desire to utilize. Receive a quote and availability by getting in contact with them. It’s necessary for you to set up much of your trip well in advance, since at this moment the company will have several questions for you. There are a number of things you will need to ask about, or you might be struck with a number of surprise charges.

A portion of the fees that generally are not stated are airport fees, fuel fees, cabin service, landing fees, and catering costs. Ask the company who will pay for the crews bills and housing during a layover if you have to remain overnight at a particular area before returning the aircraft.

It’s surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t ever forget when you travel around via private jet. Although traveling commercially can help you save money because it is much more pricey to fly via private jet, the fact that you can easily create your own schedule to make things more convenient for you and you won’t need to wait for a lengthy time in security lines makes it worth it.

Travelling in Orlando

Arts and music festivals, sporting events, concert series, parades, antiques shows, film showcases and even rodeos, the event options are endless for every time of the year in Orlando. Highlights include the Zora Neale Hurston Festival, the International Fringe Festival, Magical Dining Month in September and Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights, one of the country’s biggest Halloween celebrations. Search our complete listings to find unique Orlando events going on during your getaway.

f you have a family and love the Four Seasons, and you love to travel with them, do go for Florida Shuttle Transportation. A shuttle service that gives you affordable rates and lessen the exhausted tension how to travel from city to city. Most likely you’ve been excited about the Four Seasons Orlando Resort at Walt Disney World opening in 2014. Everyone in the family will be happy with their trip. Parents stay in their favorite hotel and the kids get the joy of experi-encing Walt Disney World. Nestled within the gated Golden Oaks community at Walt Disney World, the resort will certainly offer its well-known service and style along with privileged access to the Disney theme park experience. Since it isn’t open yet, I thought I’d share some details about the resort to wet your appetite. The style of the Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World will immerse guests in the Spanish Revival architecture of Boca Raton with a soothing colour palette inspired by the surrounding landscape. Do not forget to go through Florida shuttle transportation as it’s a shuttle company that provides you a door to door service as well as it will be on your time demand. The resort plans to offer 434 guest rooms, comprising of one Royal Suite, one Presidential Suite, six Two-Bedroom Suites, 18 One-Bedroom suites, 38 Four Seasons Executive Suites, and 370 standard guest rooms.

Whether you are a Florida Resident or a Tourist, you will find exactly what you’re looking for aboard Florida Shuttle Transportation! We offer shuttles for individuals and groups traveling on leisure or business at the lowest possible shuttle bus transportation fares. Servicing all major cities in the East and West coast of Florida. Also, airports seaports transportation: Port of Miami, Orlando to Miami bus, Port Everglades, Port of Tampa with Florida Shuttle Transportation

Accommodation Needs When Travelling With Children

Most articles that you read on accommodation while traveling are generally designed for single travellers or couples for whom accommodation choice is unlimited and mostly based on budget and distance rather than on comfort and security. On the contrary the needs of the family travelling with children are quite different.

Families with children may want to look at Melbourne apartment accommodation for their travel needs. It does limit your choice when you are travelling with children as you need to look for quiet secure place to stay. Some of the factors to be considered when travelling with children are

-Safety and security
-Calm and quiet
-Clean and hygienic

Basically the options you may have picked while travelling in your twenties such as hostels, bed and breakfast, hammocks and train station platforms are all out. Now you are a parent and quite obviously want the best for your kids.

Melbourne apartment accommodation provides all the above essentials and much more. With spacious rooms there is room not only to sleep well but also for the kids to run around at will. The private balconies and gardens provide an opportunity for your children to enjoy without hindrance. Add to this indoor and outdoor swimming pool and gyms and your kids will feel like they never left the home for a single night.

You may want to keep the following in mind while making any reservations of Melbourne apartment accommodation.

-Avoid taking rooms on the street side, the noise of passing vehicles or the noise from the bar may be disturbing for the children at night
-Arrive early in the day and get acclimatized to the climate, the new surroundings etc. preferably head out for touring the next day so that you and the children are fully rested
-If your child sleeps on his or her own, you can put up an extra bed in the extra space available in the Melbourne apartment accommodation. Parents need to rest as much as the children to be fresh and ready for the next days adventure
-Childproof the room as soon as you arrive. Mask all electrical outlets with masking tape, remove all breakable items out of reach of the children
-Checks doors and windows and ensure locks are working properly
-Confirm with the hotel if they have a doctor on call in case of emergency and who you should be contacting

Travelling Around Rhodes Old Town

Planning a visit to Rhodes Island? In that case, prepare yourself for a tussle between beach, nightlife, nature trek and a visit to Rhodes old town. Quite a bit of options to choose from, isnt it? The old town of Rhodes mainly attracts visitors owing to the ruins of acropolis located in Lindos which is one of the three historical towns making up ancient Rhodes. Situated around 50 to 55 kilometre away from the centre of Rhodes, Lindos offers the travellers a peaceful abode among the ancient sites of historical heritage and a study in the bygone ages that have contributed in the cultural development of Rhodes as a unique island in Greece. Lindos demands a stay of a few days if you wish to explore its length and breadth and there are a number of suitable hotels in Lindos where you can put up with ease.

Exploring Rhodes old town
There are times in our lives when we deliberately wish to get lost only find ourselves in a newer and better way than ever. In the old town of Rhodes, you can try out this age old formula. In the labyrinthine of lanes and by lanes, it is easy to get lost, or find a new road, if you care to look at it that way. If at any point of time you wish to get back to the main street, ask for Sokratous. The first signs of the ancient world will greet you in the form of the walls of the old town and tread slowly towards the Temple of Venus, through the Liberty Gate, dating back to the third century BC. It is indeed a sight to behold. The historical town of Lindos has much to offer to the travellers who love to explore the ruins of ancient ages, namely the acropolis, which attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. Put up in one of the hotels in Lindos and then plan your exploration without hindrances. This is the easiest way to get around Rhodes old town.

Take a walk to the several art galleries and museums which are lined up in the Plateia Simi or Simi Square. The same road will take you to the Street of the Knights or the Ippoton. Strolling around the walls of Rhodes old town is also an eye opener of sorts. You will be surprised to see the small trades that have flourished owing to the tourist visits round the year. It is a haven for photographers. You can enjoy this and much more if you choose to stay nearby in any of the hotels in Lindos which offer a quick pathway to the old town.

Rhodes old town has much to offer apart from the scenic beauty and it will take a while to get a grasp of the depths into which its history is seeped. So, the best way to do so would be to find an accommodation nearby, and there are plenty of hotels in Lindos from where you will be able to travel easily to the old town without wasting much time.

Tips for Travelling With Family

Travelling with family

Are you planning on travelling with family? There are certain tips that you should heed when you travel with your family, especially when if you are travelling with a baby or children of very young ages. There are many places where you can travel in the UK as well as throughout the world that make travelling with family affordable and fun.

Here are a few useful tips for travelling with family:

  1. Make sure that the resort or accommodations that you choose are family friendly. This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to travelling with family members as there is a world of a difference between the facilities offered by business hotels and hotels catering to families. You want to be sure that the hotel or resort in which you stay is a place where you want to take small children. Check out the accommodations first before you make your plans to be sure that you are taking your family to a place that is appropriate for them. This is especially important when travelling outside of the UK.
  2. Make sure there are plenty of family activities. The resort or hotel in which you stay should have amenities that appeal to families. Indoor pools and game rooms, for example, will help keep your children entertained if you are travelling with them. Also check out the activities in the area as well and be certain that there are places nearby where you can take your children. Children often get bored easily and do not enjoy the same things as adults. In order to truly enjoy your holiday, make certain that you can find activities that will make everyone happy.
  3. Make sure that the resort or hotel has cots and other items you may need for babies and smaller children. This is very important if you are travelling with infants or babies. You will need to get a cot and also a place that will enable you to properly feed your baby. You should look for accommodations that offer amenities such as a small refrigerator in the room where you can keep bottles of milk and foods for babies so that they will not spoil.
  4. Look for voucher codes that will give you the most for your money when travelling with family. You can find the best deals when you get voucher codes that you can easily obtain online. In many cases, children can stay for free in some resorts. You can obtain voucher codes for travel in the UK as well as abroad when you use an online site that provides you with these codes that can save you money. Travelling with family can be costly, but you can cut your costs dramatically if you use voucher codes that give you an impressive discount.
  5. Find the best accommodations that afford you privacy as well as accommodate your family. When you are travelling with family, it is important to have as much space and privacy so that everyone can enjoy their holiday. Look for accommodations that are spacious enough for everyone so that everyone in your family has a good time on their holiday.

Five West End Leading Men That You Need To See

With so many London shows on offer, there are more leading men and women in the West End than ever before and each performer has their own dedicated fanbase. We’ve consulted London theatre fans and compiled this handy list of five leading men that you should make a point of seeing on stage as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for these names; if you book a London theatre break to see any of them, you’ll be in for a real treat.

1) Ramin Karimloo
Karimloo’s exceptional starring performance in The Phantom of the Opera has set him apart from the pack. With impressive vocal ability, incredible stage presence and more than his fair share of handsome, Karimloo was the obvious choice to take the lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s upcoming Phantom of the Opera sequel, Love Never Dies.

2) Derek Jacobi
In an age when reality TV stars and earnest young people dominate London theatre, it’s nice to see a performance from a good old-fashioned thesp every once in a while. Jacobi does not take to the stage all too often but when he does the show is never anything less than spectacular. His bumbling, cross-gartered Malvolio earned him an Olivier Award for Best Actor in 2009, and forever cemented his place as a true West End legend.

3) Jason Donovan
Some time ago, Donovan played the lead in the London Palladium production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; and he was rather good. However, it’s his current role as Tick, an Australian drag queen, in Priscilla Queen of the Desert that has really turned heads on the London theatre scene.

Donovan has proved to have the magic combination of fame and actual talent and people have been booking London theatre breaks and travelling across the country to see him perform since his first night.

4) Oliver Tompsett
There are two London shows which inspire truly impressive levels of devotion from their fans, even by West End standards. Those shows are, of course, Mamma Mia! and Wicked, and Oliver Tompsett has appeared in both! His dashing performance as Fiyero in Wicked has earned him a small army of utterly besotted fans who’ll gladly sit on the train for hours just to hear him belt out Dancing Through Life one more time.

5) Ray Quinn
Let’s be honest, even in the supposedly highbrow world of London theatre there is such a thing as a guilty pleasure. Former Brookside star, 2006 X Factor runner up, 2009 Dancing on Ice winner and current star of Grease, Ray Quinn, is the living embodiment of Theatreland’s guilty pleasure. Cheesy but infectiously enthusiastic, Quinn has tempted more than a few people to escape for a weekend on a London theatre break.

Travelling with Pets

You may have considered bringing your pets along on various occasions be it occasional travel within the local area or on vacations. When planning your vacation, there are various things to consider if you have decided to bring your beloved pets with you. First off, do you really want to bring them along? If the trip just takes a few days and you know you can leave your pet with someone you trust, you may also want to consider leaving them instead. But if you really cant bear parting with your pawed friends and want to take them with you, below are just some of the tips you need to consider when deciding to bring your pets on your vacation.

Pet Health

Have your pet vaccinated and constantly checked up. Sickly pets, those under medical treatment, and old pets with limited mobility are not advisable to bring with you during your travel. Consult your local veterinarian for more information and for advice if your pet is healthy enough for travel.

Pet Temperament

Some pets are not conducive to exposing to new sights, new surroundings and to new people. Animals that are well socialized are much more likely to enjoy themselves. You certainly would not enjoy your vacation if you keep soothing a distraught and agitated pet. You have to know and consider if your pet is comfortable while travelling.

Pet Travel

Bring your pets along on short travel so they can get accustomed to travelling. You also get to observe how your pets will react while traveling and how your pet will react to new surroundings. You can take short local trips with your pet s so they can get used to travelling.

Pet Behavior

Is your dog a barker? It is not advisable to take your pets if they make a lot of noise. Hotels and vacation accommodations will not be pleased if your pets are noisy. You also have to make sure that your pets are behaved and will not bite anything (furniture, linens, etc) when youre staying in a hotel or a vacation rental home. It is best to consider your pets behavior especially when youre taking them to new unfamiliar surroundings.

Vacation Plans.

Make sure that you can bring your pets or incorporate them with the plans you have for your vacation. You have to consider if the attractions you wanted to visit are pet friendly. Otherwise, it is much more advisable to leave your pet at home than have to leave them in unfamiliar home and settings just because you couldnt take them with you to visit local attractions.

Pet Restrictions and Accommodations

Before you make firm decisions, make sure you know the local pet restrictions and accommodations if they can accommodate your pets too. Research ahead of time so there wont be unwelcome surprises when youre already in your place of destination. Taking your pets along during your vacation can be a hassle if you are unprepared. So prepare ahead of time so you and your pet can enjoy a hassle-free, worry-free vacation.