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Enjoy your Road Trip from Bangalore to Ooty

Being a metro city and the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore has good connectivity with almost all the parts of the world. It can be easily reached from any place in India. Along with being known as the IT hub, Bangalore also attracts a big population of tourists to it. Ooty is one such attraction for tourists and vacationers. It is a hill station that is situated in the Tamil Nadu state in South India.

Ooty has several other names attached to it i.e. Udagamandalam, Ootacamund, and Udhagai. It is a small place rich in picturesque beauty and amazing greenery. The calmness and excellent weather make it a favorite choice for honeymooning couples especially. It is best added by its magnificent lakes, fantastic flora and fauna, lush green and thick forests, and botanical gardens. There could be no better holiday destination than Ooty because it is the perfect place where a tourist can enjoy his time and stay in peace. Moreover, Ooty is also very economical if it is compared to the other hill stations in the region and their expenses. These are some big reasons why people from Bangalore prefer to spend their weekends or vacations (though shorter) at Ooty. Good connectivity by road and rail makes it an easy approach. Situated at an altitude of 2286 m above sea level, Ooty can be best reached from Bangalore by road. There are many small towns that are crossed while traveling from Bangalore to Ooty. Some of them are Ramnagara, Channapatna, Maddur, Mandya, Srirangapatna, Mysore, Najungad, Gundelpet, Bandipur, Mudumalai. Along with, the road travel to Ooty also gives an opportunity to visit old and famous temples like Rajarajeshwari temple, Dodda Malur Krishna temple, and Shiva temple. Many other tourist attractions like Ranganathitu bird sanctuary, forts, and rivers also come on the way while traveling to Ooty from Bangalore. Stopping and enjoying all the sites makes the road travel to Ooty the most interesting and memorable one.

Trip to Bangalore

Do you know on your way to Ooty (around Bandipur), you can also get to see some animals? Yes, when you drive from Gundepet to Ooty, chances are higher that you see animals like elephants, deer, peacocks, mongoose, monkeys and sometimes even tigers. It is highly suggested that you do not honk. Just stop your car at a distance and silently enjoy seeing them. Start your Cars only once they clear your way.

Prefer prior understanding and collecting all the information AutoVillage.

New York Limo Car Service Is Very A Reliable Option For Travelling

If you have a flight to New York for attending a very important business meeting and are worried about the commute from the airport to the location of the business meeting or hotel. Then you need to worry no more because New York Limo Car Serviceoffers all types of transportation services for all locations within the city and for all the other connecting cities. You need not worry and dont need to reserve your vehicle prior to the trip. You can just come and select the limousine for your choice and head on towards your destination. Hiring the service of New York limo car service is a good option of travelling with complete comfort. You can choose a lot of other alternative transportation options but they are not as comfortable as compared to a limousine service. They offer the highest quality in services within the city and at very low rates. The most attractive thing about them is their professionalism. All the staff members are very professional, punctual and they provide excellent services at very reasonable rates.

When you hire the services of New York limo car service for transportation purposes, you see and feel that that crew members of the company are very efficient, quick and hardworking. They pick you on time from your mentioned location at the specified time and drop you at your desired location without any hindrances. The drivers are expert, skilful and knowledgeable. They know all the alternative routes of the city for reaching the destination on time. If there is a traffic jam on one of the routes of the city, they very efficiently use some alternative route to ensure you reach your destination in time. On the other hand, drivers of ordinary service providers are not well aware of the all routes of the city and may cause you to get stuck in traffic jams. It offers all kinds of transportation services for events like proms, wedding functions and for all the important function of ones life which we wish to make even more special and unforgettable.

You can find all the latest and most modern models of limousines on the site office of New York Limo Car Serviceand also on their website. People prefer to hire the services of limousines instead of other more cheap options because it provides a high level of comfort and all the facilities which one requires and desires during travelling. All the facilities of travelling and for hosting parties are available in stretch limousine such as entertainment via music and television screen, a mini-bar and powerful music system. New York Limo Car Serviceis very famous and has a good reputation in the city for offering extra ordinary services at very low rates. People hire their service because of their spacious and comfortable limousines which fulfil all the requirements of a luxurious travelling experience. You also need not worry about driving; you can just relax and enjoy the ride. The staff members of the company also assist customers in loading and unloading of luggage. They give valued customers with the respect that they. Travelling with New York Limo Car Service gives you the best, most relaxed and enjoyable journey.

Make The Most Of International Language Course By Traveling Off Shore

Every parent love to see their kids doing well in education. However, just getting a top grade isnt everything. Sometimes what you study and where you study it from can be of immense importance. With the present economy still in a slumber of its own, opting for higher education has become a top priority especially among students who seek for jobs right after they complete their higher studies. In China alone you have loads of students travelling of shore in pursuit of higher education but recent time has seen Chinese students seeking for international language course training.

The year 2010 was reasonably an eventful year in terms of foreign educational institutes. With several foreign governments joining hands to make education successful within their respective countries, you now have loads of brand new language teaching institutes and English school that have come up. The duration of the courses can now be customized according to student preferences besides the crucial semesters can also be altered to suit student schedules.

With the majority of the foreign language schools and institutes open all year long, students can now apply for their favorite courses within their preferred location right from the comforts of their home. Today, knowing multiple languages can bring you heaps of dividends financially. Other than teaching jobs, you can also find yourself trotting the globe as a translator with foreign diplomats. The opportunities are incredibly lucrative and it literally stabilizes your financial career for the rest of your life time.

In Asia, particularly in China, students have taken a huge liking towards English course. The fact that English is an international language and most international office actually adopt English as their primary language. Sometimes, students just not end up earning worthwhile language certificates but studying abroad gives them the chance of getting to know different lifestyles and cultures. Besides, when they mingle with fellow traveling students from various other international destinations, they gain tons of knowledge that in reality cannot be taught but has to be experienced to be known. European destinations such as Italy, Rome and Germany are extremely admired among Chinese students who look to study French or Spanish course. Besides, with most of the language teaching institutes residing over picturesque locations, studying in the midst of nature is well admired among students.

Australia Visa Consultants Travelling Made Easy

Travelling being the way of life is made more convenient by the visa consultants who cater to all the required formalities and needs when it comes to travelling to counties like Australia, Canada.

Planning for a trip is one of the most time consuming and frustrating act for an individual, more so when a plan has to be made for the entire family. Weeks are spent on the entire planning. Though it is all for the pleasure but still not less painful. Being it once in a year activity, we do tend to make our plan and trip the best we can for our family that we love the most. Though in the recent times many portals have come up that do the bookings but still there is no substitute for the homework that needs to be done before finalising on the options.

Travelling abroad brings in additional pleasure but more precautions need to be taken. Moving to a completely unknown country with altogether different set of culture does bring the excitement along with some apprehensions and fears. There begins the process of talking to friends and relatives who have visited the place for further guidance. We enquire about the food habits and dressing style of the people and the places to visit and the most liked spots of the country. There are several destinations around the world, from Africa to South America. From Japan to China and Australia which have come up recently as the most favoured tourism destination attracting more than a million international tourists every year. Australia visa consultants are occupied round the year with immigration and travel related queries.

Visa being one of the most important travel permits is the essential requirement of every international tourist. Australia visa consultants provide with all the technical information needed to travel within the country. There are different options available in the tourist visas itself. Visa consultancies have access to the most authentic and updated information in these matters. Many people live under the impression that visa processes are very complicated and do take lot of time. It is when applying for a long term visas but not so when you apply for travel visas, they are the fastest. For the revenue generated through tourism is huge. Many of the East Asian countries also have the option of visa on arrival. Further information regarding the same could be obtained from visa consultant is Delhi. They have turned into one stop shops where you could enquire anything and everything related to visa issues. Visa consultant in Delhi are authorised and approved by the local authorities. Gone are the days of agents and cheaters.

International travel today is a day to day phenomenon with the world turning into a global village. Every year thousands of new locations and concepts are coming to carter to the ever rising international tourism market. The revenue it generates not only helps in increasing the GDP of the country but also provides job to millions of people every year. It is all a win-win situation for the guest and the host.

Staying In Touch And On Budget While Travelling

Today the need to communicate and have access to the web when traveling is essential. It’s more than just making phone calls. There’s tweeting, texting, updating social sites as well as a wide range of apps that can help a traveler with everything from translation to directions and more. Staying connected has become an important part of life and especially for those traveling far away from home. There are some who only use their Smartphones for Wi-Fi and e-mail, etc. between times they connect to a hotel’s wifi. This is for the person who only wants to make certain people know they’re doing okay and to share pictures of their trip etc.

There are others who only trust their cell phone and prefer to use it no matter what the situation is where they’re staying. Around the world cell phones operate on something called the GSM protocol. these types of phones are recognized by a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. This is a computer chip that enables a phone to function on a network to receive and make calls. Since it is removable, it can be taken out and replaced with another one when visiting a different country. These are called international SIM cards.

Sim cards save a traveler money and makes things easier. With the use of a SIM card there are no roaming charges. You can have a local number for people from your home country to call you. The calls are much lower rates with a SIM card. There are even some cards that offer calling credit. When traveling overseas it is always best to use a cell phone designed for that country. It is cheaper because it uses locally cell providers and call aren’t transferred from the home country before a connection is made. The quality of the cell signal provided from a local phone system is always better. If a call has to go from a cell phone, back to the host country and then back to the caller in a foreign land, there is a good chance the signal could be dropped.

When using a local mobile phone system in certain countries such places as New Zealand, Europe, certain Asian countries and Australia incoming calls are free. This only works if a phone is operating on a local system. Purchasing an international phone for people who travel overseas frequently may be the best option. There are companies that offer such phones starting at only $50.00. Some of the plans offered can include anything from free airtime to reduced rates for calls made back to the host country and more.

Before going on a trip it’s best to find out what your current cell phone provider can offer in terms of international calling. Most carriers do offer some type of international data plan. If it seems a bit too much there are options available from other companies. There are people who prefer to use Blackberry phones. Many companies can accommodate users with a Blackberry International Data Plans. There are data plans that enable the user to retain their same number while traveling through different countries. Having a properly working phone in many foreign countries can be the difference between being lost and unable to communicate, to having those problems resolved with the press of an app on a phone.

Hunting Dangerous Game In Africa

For hunters around the world Africa holds the greatest concentration and variation of dangerous game hunting. Unfortunately these days one can no longer do an “old fashioned” Big 5 safari as one of the Big 5 is Rhino which is an endangered species due to long term poaching for its horn. The remaining members of the Big 5 are Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. One can hunt for these species in Africa and one of the best value-for-money destinations is undoubtably Zimbabwe in Southern Africa.

Elephant are arguably the most exciting and exhilarating of the Big Game species to hunt. Elephant hunting is very time consuming, and for this reason it is recommended that hunts are a minimum of 14 days in length, 18 to 21 day Safaris are better when combining elephant with other species. 10 day hunts can be arranged and several concessions are used depending on the time of the year your Safari is booked. The best times of the year are generally early March through May and at the peak of the dry season in October and November. A respectable bull can generally be taken without too much walking, For the classic Elephant safari, expect to walk at least several miles per day. Sizes in Zimbabwe range between 35lbs and 50lbs, with several trophies annually reaching the 70lb or even 80lb mark.

Rifles and ammo for Elephant – Any rifle from .375 upwards is both legal and acceptable for hunting an Elephant with. For Elephant and Buffalo, (any African game in fact), I always suggest that you bring the largest caliber rifle which you can shoot confidently and competently. This is exactly the crux of the matter. So many hunters carry a cannon of immense proportions (Professional hunters included) which they cannot handle well. There is a definite tendency, in my opinion, for hunters shooting a larger caliber to aim in the general area of the vitals and pull the trigger, relying on the size of the bullet to compensate for a possibly less than perfect bullet placement. This is a bad mistake and I have seen countless instances where a bunch of slightly bad shots (both body and head shots) fail to slow the animal down. This is bad enough if he is departing, but much more serious when hes heading in your direction at speed. I havent counted, but I think I am correct in saying that a much higher proportion of elephant on my safaris have been shot perfectly with the first shot by .375 and .416 caliber’s than .450 and bigger rifles. It is all about shot placement, and not the size of the cannon you are using.

Having said this, though, Ill contradict myself a little now, by saying that it feels good when you are up-close-and-personal with Elephants, especially in the thick stuff, to be holding some substantial hardware. The bigger the better! I do a lot of Elephant hunting very early and late in the season, when it is really thick and (I carry a .416 Rem. Mag made by Blaser) there are often times when Id like to be holding something closer to an RPG7 rocket launcher! The .416, however, has not let me down yet and Im now going into my 11th hunting season with it. There are such a vast array of suitably sized calibers out there today, most of which (Loaded with the correct bullets) can do the job well enough. There is certainly something fitting about hunting an elephant (arguably) the ultimate African big game animal) armed, in the age-old tradition, with a double rifle. Although I dont use a double rifle myself, I guide a lot of hunters who do. I am often tempted to get one.

Buffalo are more sought after than any of the other dangerous game species because they are very challenging animals to hunt and are extremely tough to kill. They are hunted throughout the year in most areas of Zimbabwe and a 10 to 14 day Safari is recommended although one can do 5 and 7 day Buffalo packages. Buffalo combines very well with other Big Four animals and Plains game. Also very popular are the safari options offering 2 Buffalo etc. Buffalo are tracked and hunted on foot, with the biggest concentrations found from March to early December.

Rifles and ammo for Buffalo – This is the one animal which you need to bring both softs and solid bullets for. If youre not after a bunch of Plains game, a box of each is more than enough, otherwise a box of solids and two of softs if you you’re using one rifle for all. As for Elephant, .375 or bigger is needed. Most calibers in the correct range work fine, except for extremely fast bullets. I dont like bullets faster than 2600fps. With faster bullets you have more chance of bullet failure in the animal, and more chance of deviation when shooting through brush. Buffalo are renowned for soaking up punishment with little visible effect. If the first shot is perfect the animal will die in a very short space of time, probably after running less than 100 yards. If the first shot is less than perfect, I have often seen Buffalo take 8 or 10 heavy caliber bullets (or more) before they go down. Obviously a good soft bullet through the vitals will kill a Buffalo that little bit quicker than a solid, but I still like the hunter to load with solids at all times except when shooting at an animal in a herd. There is no substitute for a well placed shot with a deep, straight penetrating bullet. A solid will penetrate deeper and straighter than any soft. My preferred solids are Federal Premium loaded with Trophy bonded sledgehammer. A solid with a flat meplat will always penetrate deeper than a round nose bullet before beginning to deviate. For softs I recommend Swift A Frame (loaded by Remington and Norma), Barnes X triple shock (loaded by Barnes), Trophy Bonded Bear Claw (loaded by Federal). Hunting Buffalo with anything less than a bonded core bullet of heavy construction, you are asking for trouble. Advice I will give you when were hunting Buff or Elephant is to be ready to empty your magazine into him after the first shot if he is clear of other animals.

There are few remaining countries in Africa that still offer good quality fair-chase Lion hunting. Zimbabwe is one of them, and it has some excellent Lions with the Government owned National Parks areas producing some of the finest Trophies. Since the Political problems of recent years, most privately owned areas are not a viable option. We hunt lions both on baits and by tracking, concentrating more on tracking in the dry season when conditions are favorable.

Leopard are the most widely distributed of the dangerous game animals. A 14 day Safari in a top area gives you your best chances at a good male. The hunt can be combined with Lion, Buffalo and plains game very effectively, but is never the less hard work and time consuming. Leopards are shot over bait in daylight in Zimbabwe National Parks areas. I have had 100% success since 2003 and one failure in 2009.

Rifles and ammo for Lion and Leopard – For Cats I like a fairly fast bullet i.e. 2500 fps or faster and this is the one instance (along with crocodile) where Im even happy to use a really fast bullet travelling at around 3000 fps. I do believe that the hydrostatic shock affecting tissues (and thus spine) around the bullet path can be enough to put the cat down on the spot. This is always first prize when shooting a Leopard or Lion from a blind, as there are few situations I like less in my job than getting up to the bait tree after the shot only to find no sign of the cat.

As for bullets, you still need a well constructed bullet even though cats do not have heavy bones. They are all muscle and I have heard of an instance where an A square Lion load failed to penetrate the chest muscles of a male Lion. Id still be happy with heavy bullets with a little more expansion like the Scirocco (also by swift).

Following a wounded Lion I carry my .416 Rem Mag. Following a wounded Leopard I carry my .416 if I dont have my shotgun. If I have my Benelli M3 Super I carry that, but will always have at least one slug as my first round in case I get a shot at over about 12 feet. If the cat is over that distance, my Benelli is going to give me at least 2 shots. With buckshot, unless I get a clear body shot I believe I am wasting precious ammunition at over 12 feet.

How To Keep Your Skin Fabulous While Travelling

Travelling can really play havoc with your skin. Apart from keeping up your skin care regime, there are a few other important steps you can take to help keep your skin looking fabulous while your travelling.

Maintaining your skin care regime

Firstly, of course one of the most important steps to keeping your skin looking great while travelling is to not ditch the skin care regime. It is easy when you are travelling or on holidays to forget or feel like you don’t get a chance to take care of your skin as much as you’d like to but by taking the time out to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin, you’ll notice a big difference.
To make it easy to take your skin care products with you while travelling, purchase a travel size of each of the products, or pour them into travel bottles. It’s a good idea to take these with you on the plane/train/coach so you have them nearby in case you want to use them at a rest stop, or moisturise your skin if it’s feeling dry.
Hot tip – the Multi Active Toner Spritz and/or Antioxidant Hydramist from the Dermalogica range can be a great hydrator when travelling on a plane and also come in travel sizes.
Drink plenty of water
How we feel on the inside really shows on the outside. It is so important to drink lots of water while travelling, because especially when flying, it is easy to become dehydrated. Similarly in heavily air-conditioned areas, such as airports and even coach buses, your skin can become dehydrated making it look dull and lifeless. Drinking water will not only keep you feeling good, but it will also keep you looking good also.
Eating Right
It’s normal to want to indulge when your travelling or on holidays. That’s part of the fun. Just limit the oily and fatty foods to avoid having breakouts and other issues with your skin.
Wear sunscreen
There is a definite trend of people wanting to come back from holidays tanned, but this leads to premature aging and sun spots. Dermalogica have a great sunscreen, Extra Rich FaceBlock which is SPF30. Great to have in your bag while you’re on the go. Remember to reapply after a few hours or if you go swimming. It’s important to wear sunscreen while you are away, and if you want the bronzed look, there is no harm in faking it. Plus, if you do get sun burnt, the rest of your holiday could be spent being very sore.
No experimenting on your trip
Choosing to trial a new product the day before you leave for your trip is not a good idea. Stick to what you know works for you. This same principle applies while you are on holidays too. You don’t want to buy a product that could potentially react to your skin while your away. Especially if you have sensitive skin.
Keeping your skin looking fabulous while your travelling doesn’t have to be a chore. I hope our tips have given you some ideas on how to keep your skin looking fabulous the next time you go travelling.

Travelling In Paradise Boracay Island

Where is Boracay?

The island of Boracay is located in the Philippines about 315kms south of the country’s capital of Manila, a journey which takes no more than an hour by plane.

Getting to Boracay

The quickest way to arrive in Boracay is by plane, and the closest airport to Boracay is located in the small town of Caticlan on the mainland. Manila’s domestic airport provides regular flights to Caticlan aboard turboprop airplanes, but many flights listing Boracay as their destination actually fly to Kalibo, a town with a larger airport than Caticlan. Visitors arriving in Kalibo must then take a 90 minute bus ride to Caticlan before reaching their final destination of Boracay. Caticlan airport is only a ten minute walk away from Caticlan port, where outrigger boats called ‘bancas’ regularly depart for Boracay.

Booking private van operators in Manila is the best way to travel by road to Boracay as drivers cannot take their vehicles to the island. The total journey time between Manila and Boracay by ground transportation takes approximately 12 hours.

The most common means of transportation in Boracay itself are motorised tricycles which serve as the island’s taxi service and offer reasonable rates. Passengers must sit on seats on top of the exhaust pipes, though, so handkerchiefs are recommended. Boracay visitors may also rent scooters, sailboats, bancas, or mountain bikes. The latter means of transportation is especially useful on White Beach, where motorised vehicles are forbidden.

Boracay attractions

White Beach is merely the most famous of the many beaches which are Boracay’s main tourist attractions, and also serves as the island’s main commercial centre. Boat Station One is where Boracay’s most luxurious beachfront resorts are located. White Beach’s many restaurants, boutiques, bars, and shops are separated from the beach itself by a shady palm tree grove. Many White Beach shops can be found at the DMall Shopping Center which, despite the name, is actually an outdoor boardwalk filled with unique shops.

White Beach is also within a short boat ride to over 25 scuba diving sites ranging from beginner to advanced level, and is home to 20 dive centres which include equipment rental as part of their affordable prices. Skimboarding has also become especially popular among children and older visitors, and rentals and lessons are both easily available at White Beach.

The perfect way to relax on The Philippines’ White Beach after a long day outdoors or a long night partying at one of its many bars is a massage, and White Beach massage options range from outdoor budget massage stations to the hillside Mandala Spa, considered one of the world’s top spa resorts. Many White Beach hotels also include massage and spa treatments, and women frequently offer massages to sunbathing visitors.

Those wishing to escape the crowds of White Beach in their pursuit of sun and sea will find their desired getaway at tranquil Puka Beach, where Boracay’s main road ends at the island’s northern tip. Puka Beach includes only a few restaurants, and picnickers are advised not to leave their trash behind. Baling Hai Beach is another quiet Boracay beach located north of Diniwid Beach which features snorkeling, swimming, and a clifftop restaurant offering unforgettable views. Bulabog Beach, located on Boracay’s east side and considered Asia’s greatest kitesurf destination, features two kiteboarding schools offering lessons at all levels taught by IKO-certified instructors.

No visit to Boracay would be complete without a tour of the Bat Cave, where several insectivorous bats call home on the island’s west side. Visitors are advised to accept one of the many offers of guided tours from locals as walking down the cave is very difficult thanks to the steep angle of its entrance, the cave stones are very slippery with no path or handrail, and the cave’s warm air sometimes makes it difficult to breathe. Visitors leaving the cave are required to pay a fee to the family which owns the property where the Bat Cave is located in addition to the fee requested by their local guide.

Renting scooters or motorbikes, horseback riding, and boat tours aboard outrigger sailboats known as paraws are all ideal ways to explore the entire island of Boracay.

Ask Question While Travelling For Abroad

In the earlier ages you have travelers who travelled to discover and know without any premonition and were few. In earlier times travelling far and wide was undertaken mainly by learned scholars, seekers of knowledge, adventurers, and conquerors. In todays context objectives of most travel are the same but their forms are different. Most travelling abroad have different objectives. There are students who travel with the objective of learning and acquiring knowledge. Then there are businessmen who travel with the view of expanding business, seeking business opportunities. Then we have livelihood opportunities seekers who move along with businesses from one country to another.

The development of modern economics has brought broad divides among countries economics, you have the developed and developing countries. There are basic economic differences between these economies. Developed countries are less populated but are advanced in economic development. Developing countries are densely populated and are in the process of developing their economies. Thought the divides are narrowing, there is heavy exchange of population around the globe among nations within continents and across continents. A good sign of increasing people coming together. This has brought about travelling abroad more frequently to different destinations of the world.

While travelling has become easier, today due to the prevailing political equations among world nations, the restrictions are becoming harsher. Having the ticket to go will not necessarily secure you the permission to reach equally freedom across nations. You should have passport, the permission to leave ones own country. The process of procuring a passport is a long drawn process. Unless you are visiting a friendly country where you do not need a visa, most countries you have to visit require you to have visas. The purpose of your visit to the host country is defined and also is the period of stay. Then there are visas related to specifics like student visas, business-related, and tourism which depends upon your application for specific purpose.

When you have plans of visit abroad you will have many questions to ask about travelling other than the permission to visit, though it is a first pre-requisite. Ask questions about behaviourial precautions you should take when you move around the places in the social space like, extending courtesies, gestures, and dress code. You should know about the prevalent mannerisms which are very important. While you are restricted by the visa itinerary about your movements, you should take care not to use the freedom of visiting the country to move around at your will. You should also adhere to the general rules and regulations related to the social behavior. Another aspect you should ask questions about is the weather conditions during your visit to those countries along with local dress code. If you are a vegetarian confirm you get that kind of food.

If you are a member of social networking sites, try to ask questions about travelling abroad from your contacts, and also you have the freedom to contact networkers from those countries where you are planning a visit.

Top Tips For Relieving Nausea

Most people have experienced the horrible feeling of nausea where a queasy stomach, dizziness and headache can have you retreating to your bed for a lie down. Nausea can happen to anyone at any time as it is a common symptom of a wide variety of conditions. People can experience nausea for many different reasons including motion sickness when travelling, ear infections, food poisoning and morning sickness. Sometimes nausea can strike as a result of something simple such as eating too much in one sitting or drinking too much alcohol the night before. When nausea leads to actual vomiting then this can cause dehydration and leave you feeling exhausted. Finding a suitable nausea remedy can often be a case of trial and error as different solutions work for different people. The best nausea remedy is actually prevention so if you know something is likely to make you feel queasy then stay well away. If you do feel nauseous then try out some of the top tips below to settle your stomach.

Dehydration is a major cause of nausea so make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day and aim to drink around 2.5 litres of water.

Feeling bloated and sluggish can lead to nausea so dont be tempted to quench your thirst with fizzy, carbonated drinks as they will put pressure on your stomach.

Feeling hungry can soon lead to nausea so eat little and often to keep your blood sugar levels up and to keep hunger at bay. This is particularly important if you have a hectic lifestyle and find it difficult to fit structured meals into your routine.

An effective morning sickness remedy and general antidote to nausea is to use acupressure bands on the wrists. As with all nausea remedies acupressure may or may not work for you but its worth testing out to see if it alleviates your nausea.

If you feel you are going to be sick or if you have been vomiting then try eating bland foods to keep your energy up. Simple foods such as plain crackers, bread and rice are easy to digest and contain carbohydrates to give you energy.

Sometimes nausea can be so bad that you may not be able to face any food or liquids at all. Sucking on iced lollies is one way to take on liquids and relieve the sensation of nausea. Lillipops are a morning sickness remedy which has been designed to alleviate nausea and provide an energy boost. Even if your nausea is not caused by morning sickness, Lillipops are an effective nausea remedy and can help you to feel better.

If you continue to feel nauseous then make sure you visit your GP who will be able to offer you advice and possibly prescribe you with medication which will reduce your nausea.